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from the best-selling author of What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow...

Real Estate Investment Analysis Software

Real Estate Investment Analysis

RealData's Real Estate Investment Analysis software has helped investors evaluate the profit potential of commercial, residential and mixed-use income properties for more than three decades. You can forecast revenues, expenses, financing, pass-throughs, cash flows, resale, rates of return, tax implications, partnership considerations and a great deal more. Then create compelling presentations for clients, partners and lenders. It's easy to learn and to use; tech support is free! 

Two Editions: Professional and Express. Decide which is best for your project by comparing their features.

Grab a copy of any of our four key products for just $85 and get started on a property analysis today.  Get full credit toward your purchase of the unlimited-use software. Get the details >>

Your Real Estate Investment Education Begins Here

Frank Gallinelli's What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow... has sold more than 85,000 copies worldwide and has become a classic guide for investors. It teaches 37 essential calculations that answer such crucial questions as "What is this building really worth today?" and "How do I calculate and interpret my return on investment?" Frank's writings and teaching at Columbia University are the basis of RealData's investment and development software. Continue your education when you read his in-depth articles about investment analysis on the RealData Blog.

Real Estate Development Software for Office, Retail, Mixed-Use & more

Real Estate Software for Developers - New 'Commercial / Industrial Development' Version 6.0Commercial / Industrial Development - Version 6 Whether you're developing an apartment building, shopping center or other commercial property from the ground up -- or renovating or expanding an existing property -- this is the software you need. CID is a powerful tool to plan your project, evaluate its feasibility, solicit partners, and seek financing. Version 6 is like two programs in one, combining classic project cost analysis with month-by-month development timeline. Use it for build-and-sell or build-and-hold. Now with partnership analysis.

Condominium, Subdivision and Land Development Software

Real Estate Software for Developers - 'On Schedule' Version 5.0On Schedule v5 is the choice for developers who need cash-flow planning and analysis for subdivisions, condominium and land development projects -- or with any project that is built and sold in stages. Configure unit and site costs, evaluate absorption schedules then print a presentation for your lender and cash flow projections tailored for each investing partner.

On Schedule also works great for analyzing condo conversion projects.

Comparative Lease Analysis, Version 3

Whether you're a commercial property owner, leasing agent, tenant or tenant rep, you need the best tools available to deal with the challenges of leasing in today's economy and commercial real estate market.  And so, we've introduced Version 3 of Comparative Lease Analysis. New presentation features, new sublease module, internationalization options, and much more.

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