Submitting a Guest Article for the RealData Blog

Does RealData accept guest articles on its blog?
Yes! We do accept guest articles on the blog - written by real estate professionals. If you are a broker, developer, financing expert, etc. and would like to submit an article please keep the following in mind:

The focus of is real estate investment, development and finance; hence our main audience includes investors, developers, lenders, financial advisors, agents and others in the commercial and investment real estate industry. We will accept for review only those articles that are potentially of interest to our primary audience.

How will I know the status of my article?

We will review your submission as soon as possible, but this can depend of the volume of articles we receive. We will notify you as soon as we have approved your article and advise when you can expect to see it published. Generally we will publish in two weeks or less, depending upon our editorial calendar.

Guest Post Guidelines

§ Posts should be well-written, concise and beneficial to RealData readers.

§ Please send via e-mail, formatted a MS Word document.

§ If there are any images you would like to include, please send them with your submission and include image credits when necessary.

§ No affiliate links are permitted in your guest post. Links which appear to be for search engine placement/optimatization are also not permitted.

§ Please refrain from excessive links to your own site, unless the content from that link supports your article as a resource or tool that you have specifically mentioned.

§ Articles should be no shorter than 500 words.

§ Please attach a brief author bio.

§ Please answer all comments to your post. If you do not play an active role in discussion, you will lose the link for your author bio after two days of inactivity.

We reserve the right to edit posts for grammar and legibility. If there are further notes we would like to provide within the article, we reserve the right to do so and mark that information as "Editor's Notes" so the readers are aware of those changes.

The article that you write for RealData must be original, meaning that it is your own work and not published on any other website, including your own. Even if your article follows all of these guidelines, we reserve the right to reject and return your article without publishing if we do not feel it will be beneficial for our audience.

How do I contact you about submitting a guest post?

Please send us a support ticket with your request for submitting a guest post, as well as any specifics you have in mind.

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