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Investor education is a key part of our mission. We invite you to view some of the educational resources we provide.

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Real estate investing is all about the numbers. Take a comprehensive online course about income-property analysis taught by best-selling author and Columbia adjunct real estate professor, Frank Gallinelli. Learn More »

Educational Articles from the RealData Blog

  • Real Estate Expense Recoveries—What are they, how do they work? (part 1)   If you've gotten involved as a landlord or tenant with non-residential real estate, such as retail or office buildings, then you have probably encountered a phenomenon that may go by any of several names: expense recoveries, expense reimbursements, pass-throughs, or common area maintenance (CAM) charges. What exactly is this phenomenon and how does it work?   More »
  • Reserves for Replacement and Income-Property Investing   It may sound like a nit-picking detail: Where and how do you account for "reserves for replacement" when you try to value – and evaluate – a potential income-property investment? Isn't this something your accountant sorts out when it's time to do your tax return? Not really, and how you choose to handle it may have a meaningful impact on your investment decision-making process.   More »
  • The Cash-on-Cash Conundrum – a Postscript   A while back, I posted a two-part series called "The Cash-on-Cash Conundrum." In the first installment I explained the calculation and underlying logic of CoC, and in the second I discussed some of the pitfalls of overreliance on this particular measure.   More »
  • Crowdfunding Real Estate Investments   Pooling of resources, passing the hat — call it what you will, but collaborative underwriting has probably been around for a couple of centuries. Never one to leave well enough alone, the internet has again risen to the role of game-changer, extending a global reach to individuals and companies looking for backers.   More »


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