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RealData Dispatch March 2006
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New Version 5.0 - Commercial / Industrial Development

We first released Commercial/Industrial Development (or CID, as it's known to its friends) back in 1983. To give that some perspective, it has been running four years longer than Phanthom of the Opera (although we do concede that Phantom has the better music).

CID is designed for developers of just about any kind of income property -- office, retail, multifamily, industrial, self-storage, you name it. You can quickly assemble hard costs, soft costs and financing details into a professional development pro forma that will help you decide if the project is viable. The program creates compelling presentations to show to partners or prospective buyers, or to support your request for financing. Version 5 offers a wealth of new features, including...

* Highly customizable hard & soft costs -- Handle up to 48 hard costs and 35 soft costs for your project.

* International currencies and measurements -- Switch from dollars to Euros, UK pounds, or one of many other national currencies. Express measurements in meters or feet.

* Project Timeline -- Chart the development, lease-up and first-year operation phases of your project.

* Flexible Financing -- Handle up to four loans: a development loan, land loan, takeout loan, and permanent financing. Replace your development loan immediately following construction or wait until after full lease-up. Use the new takeout loan for bridge financing or to project different permanent financing terms for the developer and a new buyer.

* Rent Roll -- Enter projected lease income with CID's new rent roll. Perfect for multi-family residential and mixed-use developments.

* New Reports -- Create an enhanced development pro forma, an operating pro forma for a new buyer or a build-and-hold report for the project you plan to keep.

* Construction Profit -- Accurately calculate construction overhead and profit as a percent of project costs. Display total profit as a separate line item on the development pro forma, or add the markup into each hard cost automatically.

* Yes, there's more, including improved error handling, data validation and easier data entry.

Commercial/Industrial Development v5 is available for purchase and download from our website for $325.

See http://realdata.com/p/cid/cidproductpage.shtml

If you are a user of Version 4, read on:

1. If you purchased Version 4, you can purchase Version 5 via download for just $60 until May 31, 2006. After May 31, the upgrade charge is $149 (in other words, don't procrastinate). You'll receive an email with instructions and if you want the program on CD, an additional charge of $11.00 plus shipping applies.

2. If you don't receive your special upgrade instruction via email because you changed your address or your spam filter ate our message, please go to http://realdata.com/helpdesk and submit a support ticket, or simply call us at 203-255-1445.

New Featured Resource: WorldProperties.com

Globalization is real. We mentioned in our last newsletter that we had seen a gratifying response to the new international edition of our Real Estate Investment Analysis software. Along those same lines, we've chosen what we think is an interesting global real estate site for this month's featured resource.

To quote from their website, WorldProperties.com, "The International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA) is a global alliance of leading national real estate organizations in the world's major markets. ICREA assists members of these national organizations by helping them efficiently and profitably facilitate cross-border business. ICREA also assists buyers and sellers in locating properties outside their country and in locating a real estate professional who abides by a code of ethics and can best meet their individual needs."

ICREA serves about 2 dozen member countries and deals with both residential and commercial properties. To click through to this site, go to our "Learn" page at http://realdata.com/learn.shtml

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New Version 5.0 of Commercial/Industrial Development

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