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RealData Dispatch June 2006
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Summer Reading for Real Estate Investors and Developers

The educational content we provide in our Learn section has always been one of the most popular features of realdata.com. This month you can lean back in your sand chair and soak in an extra measure of informative and entertaining reading.

Our feature article deals with an issue that often leads investors down the wrong track. When is a property's value likely to be driven by market data and when is it driven by rental income? Go to the Learn section for some guidance that can make a big difference in your investment decisions.

Also this month we're delighted to announce that we're publishing the first three in what will be an ongoing series of articles by George Blackburne. George is an attorney and the owner of C-Loans.com, one of the largest of the commercial mortgage portals. His articles provide valuable insights on the financing of commercial property and real estate development projects. He is also a terrific (and pithy) writer who tells you what you really need to know.

This month he talks about where developers find equity for their projects, about land leases, and about mezzanine loans. Look for his work in our library of articles.

Featured Resource: What's Ahead for Investment Real Estate?

Where are institutional investors putting their money and what is their outlook? This month we direct you to an article on the National Real Estate Investor web site where a roundtable panel of experts discusses trends and markets across the US. Read more in the Learn section of realdata.com

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Loans, Loans, Loans

Do you need a commercial construction loan or a permanent loan on a commercial property? Using C-Loans.com you can apply to almost every major commercial lender in the country using the same mini-app in just four minutes. And C-Loans is free!



Summer Reading for Real Estate Investors and Developers

Featured Resource

Is Your Software Up to Date?

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