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RealData Dispatch June 2007
shim Create a property analysis that stands out from the crowd with RealData

RealData Launches Online Seminar Series

The educational content at realdata.com has proven to be one of the most important parts of our site, so we're especially pleased to announce that we now offer a series of online seminars titled, "Mastering Real Estate Investment." The series will teach investors about the financial measures that underlie all income-property investments. No, this is not a motivational seminar or a get-rich-quick medicine show. You'll learn how professionals approach the analysis of investment real estate, how to estimate value and measure return, and how to create and interpret a property's "financial statement."

The cost of each seminar is $129, but to jump-start our new endeavor, we're offering some excellent bonuses to everyone who signs up for Session One. You'll receive a free downloadable copy of our software, "Real Estate Investment Analysis, Ulta-Lite Edition," a $99 value. You will also receive a 30% discount toward Sessions Two and Three of the series, scheduled for August 20 and September 17.

You can get detailed information about all three sessions at
http://realdata.com/p/webinar/ You can register for any or all of the sessions from that page as well. We can accommodate a limited number of attendees so if you want to to join us, please don't delay.

New Article - Investing in Real Estate: Should You Buy Residential or Commercial Property?

We hear this often: “What’s the smarter move? Residential or commercial investment property?” It should come as no surprise that there isn’t a one-word answer to this question, so we wrote a whole article to discuss it. You’ll arrive at your best choice by working through a decision process that includes some “global” issues, some local and some that are entirely personal. Go to realdata.com and click on the "Learn" tab to find out what some of those issues are.

Featured Resources: MagicBullets and Free Forum

There are a lot of real estate forums on the internet, but sadly many of them turn in to dumping grounds for spam. Not the case with www.magicbullets.com. Webmaster Dan Auito has put together a excellent site which, to use his words, is "...designed to offer advice, support, information, resources and tools related to understanding how to use real estate to your best advantage." MagicBullets has active forums where members do indeed help each other with support and advice. The site also offers plenty of useful articles and resources. As an example, Dan just emailed all his members with his discovery of a a resource that will allow you to set up your own forum: http://www.phpbbnow.com/setup.php Great for investment groups to communicate with members and for agents, mortgage brokers and anyone who wants to create a community of clients and customers.

Is Your Software Up to Date?

New build releases are now available for all products to provide compatibility with Windows Vista and Excel 2007. Minor adjustments were rolled out across the product line in mid April.

If you purchased your software more than 3 months ago, chances are that we have issued a new build release which provides new features and functionality. Most build releases are free of charge. Find the latest build information here.

Contact us for an update - open a support ticket by going to http://realdata.com/helpdesk

Software bundles - Save Up to $514

Save $29 on a group of three entry-level products or up to $514 for the power-user collection. Many of our customers find that they need several of our products and this is a great way to save. Check out the special pricing at http://realdata.com/prodcombo.shtml

Loans, Loans, Loans

Do you need a commercial construction loan or a permanent loan on a commercial property? Using C-Loans.com you can apply to almost every major commercial lender in the country using the same mini-app in just four minutes. And C-Loans is free!



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