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RealData Dispatch October 2007
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New Article: NPV, IRR, MIRR, CpA – Stirring the Alphabet Soup of Real Estate Investment

There's nothing better than a nice bucketful of acronyms to scare off the uninitiated. Real estate investing, like any worthwhile enterprise, has its share -- maybe more than its share -- of initials. To invest successfully, you need to understand the how, why and when of these key real estate investment metrics, so in this two-part article I try to shed some light on these terms. I explore what they mean and when you might use them, and alert you to their pitfalls.

In the first installment I talk about Discounted Cash Flow, Net Present Value, Profitability Index and Internal Rate of Return. In Part 2, coming soon, I'll discuss some problems with IRR and how these might be dealt with using Modified IRR and Capital Accumulation Comparison. Go to our Learn page now to read Part 1.

Real Estate Investment Analysis version 14

We've had a fantastic response to the new release of our top-selling product, REIA Standard Edition. With all its new features including the popular Quick Analysis and new Comparison & Portfolio Analysis add-ons, it's sure to make fast work of all your investment property projects.

The price remains at just $495, and if you have version 12, the $99 upgrade ENDS TODAY! Give us a call now at 800-899-6060 to place that last minute upgrade order.

Is Your Software Up to Date?

New build releases are now available for all products to provide compatibility with Windows Vista and Excel 2007. Minor adjustments were rolled out across the product line in mid April. Contact us for an update - submit a request by going to http://realdata.com/helpdesk

Featured Resource

First American Core Logic is all about data. They claim to cover 99% of the property transactions in the US, and also provide aerial maps, demographic data, flood maps and legal descriptions for property across the US. Of particular interest is their inexpensive real estate trends report called RE Trends. Go to our Learn page now.

Software bundles - Save Bundles of Money

Our software bundle #5 includes just about every product we sell, and we just made it even better by adding the new Comparison and Portfolio Analysis add-ons for REIA Standard Edition version 14. Bundle 5 just got bigger, but the price stays the same at $1299 - you now save $592 over the individual product pricing.

Our bundle savings begin with $29 on a group of three entry-level products, and go up to $592 on bundle #5. Many of our customers find that they need several of our products and this is a great way to save. Check out the special pricing at http://realdata.com/prodcombo.shtml



New Article: Alphabet Soup of Investing

New REIA Version 14

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