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RealData Dispatch January 2008
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New Article: NPV, IRR, FMRR, MIRR, CpA - Stirring the Alphabet Soup of Real Estate Investment - Part 2

In the first installment I talked about Discounted Cash Flow, Net Present Value, Profitability Index and Internal Rate of Return. In Part 2 I discuss some problems with IRR and how these might be dealt with using Finanicial Management Rate of Return (FMRR), Modified Internal Rate of Return (MIRR) and another, very interesting metric you might not be familiar with: Capital Accumulation Comparison (CpA).

If you're serious about income-property investing, this is must-read material. Go to our Learn page now. Missed Part 1? No problem, you'll find it still listed on our Learn page.

RealData Real Estate Calculator

We've just launched a great new product. Not only is it really useful, but it won't set you back more than the cost of a couple of lattes. It's our new Excel-based real estate calculator - actually 16 calculators in one. It has too many features to list, but here are just some of the highlights: an amortization schedule that will handle various payment and compounding frequencies (Canada, are you listening?); anytime interest-rate changes and payment overrides; and a variety of payment types, such as interest-only, fixed principal and skip, which also can be changed month by month.

Did we mention a module that shows the effect of converting from a monthly to a bi-weekly loan, or another that calculates 19 key financial ratios from your business balance sheet and income statement?

There's quite a lot more, so go to our calculator page for all the details. The price? Just $19.

For those whose needs are more modest, we also have a free version. It will produce a standard fixed-rate monthly amortization, compare loans, and calculate payments and future values.

Featured Resource - Dealmakers.net

There aren't many first-rate real estate resources that have been around as long as we have, but Dealmakers, circa 1979, is actually two years our senior! We've been subscribers to some of their valuable email forums (which include commercial real estate, investment real estate, finance, property for lease) for more than a decade. They are both an Internet portal for commercial real estate and a publisher of print publications with an emphasis on retail property and leasing. They produce Tenant Search, a database of up to 7,000 retailers and their expansion plans, space needed, special preference, etc. Another service, Eblast, puts your marketing brochure in front of over 55,000 commercial real estate executives.

REIA 14: Comparison Add-On, Upgrade Available

When we released Version 14 of Real Estate Investment Analysis, Standard Edition last fall, we also launched two new add-on programs. One of the add-ons allowed you to produce a summary comparison of several income-property investments. We've just enhanced this program to allow you to specify different holding periods for each property, so that you can take advantage of the full power of Capital Accumulation Comparison as an analysis technique. This upgrade is free for those who have the comparison add-on. To obtain the upgrade, submit a request at our help desk.

RECyber Convention

RealData is pleased to be sponsoring the seventh annual National Real Estate CyberConvention and Exposition, which will run online February 11-17.

What a great way to have a convention. Of course, we'll all be sorry to miss the fun of visiting our favorite airports, standing in car rental lines and eating bad food at ridiculous prices. But we'll get over it. You can register now without cost. Just follow the link below.

Be sure to visit our booth and sign up to win some nice giveaways. There will be keynote addresses by Dave Liniger, Chairman, RE/MAX International, Inc., and Stuart Siegel CEO, eNeighborhoods, plus over 30 real estate trainers, authors and industry experts in four educational tracks: Top Real Estate Trainers; Top Cyber Agent Tips and Tricks; Top Industry Leaders; and Top Commercial Presenters. Mark your calendar.

Get your complimentary pass and information here.

Is Your Software Up to Date?

New build releases are now available for all products to provide compatibility with Windows Vista and Excel 2007. Contact us for an update - submit a request by going to our help desk.

Software Bundles - Save Bundles of Money

Our software bundle #5 includes just about every product we sell, and we just made it even better by adding the new Comparison and Portfolio Analysis add-ons for REIA Standard Edition version 14. Bundle 5 just got bigger, but the price stays the same at $1299 - you now save $592 over the individual product pricing.

Our bundle savings begin with $29 on a group of three entry-level products, and go up to $592 on bundle #5. Many of our customers find that they need several of our products and this is a great way to save. Check out the special pricing at our software bundles page.




New Article: Alphabet Soup of Investing,
Part 2

Real Estate Calculator

Featured Resource -
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REIA 14's Comparison Add-On - Upgrade Available

RECyber Convention

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