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RealData Dispatch - November 2008

No Time?
No Investment Software?
Send Us Your Property Info and Get a Complete Analysis by Return Email

Given current market conditions, you can find some outstanding real estate investment opportunities out there. But, to take advantage of those opportunities, you need to crunch the numbers so you know just what it is you're really buying. That's true in good economic times, but even more so now.

We have a new service to get you moving quickly and inexpensively.

Maybe you haven't used our investment analysis software in a while, and your skills are a bit rusty. Perhaps you're really pressed for time. And maybe you've never purchased our "Real Estate Investment Analysis" at all.

Problem Solved

We now offer a service where we will run the analysis for you. All you do is download a simple questionnaire, fill it in, and email or fax it back to us. We'll run your information through our most powerful program, the Standard Edition of "Real Estate Investment Analysis." Generally within three business days or less, we'll send you a set of presentation-quality reports by return email:

  • Annual Property Operating Data

  • Cash Flow and Resale Detailed Report

  • Cash Flow and Resale Summary Report

  • "Real Estate Business Plan" Report

  • Executive Summary

You can print these reports out, or email them to your lender, client, or partners.

For a basic analysis - any deal that fits the parameters of our questionnaire - the fee is only $75. If you need something more complex, just start with the questionnaire, but also tell us what else you need. We'll give you a custom quote.

We invite you to download the questionnaire, even if you don't need to purchase the service now.  There's no charge for the form, of course, and you'll find it to be a helpful guide for collecting data whenever you need to do an investment analysis.

Download the data questionnaire, and order your analysis here.

Times may be hard, but this is easy.


Don't Miss Out: Receive a Free Copy of Frank Gallinelli's New Book

RealData founder Frank Gallinelli, author of the best-selling, "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow..." has just released a new book -- and with a limited-time offer from RealData, you can get a copy of this book free of charge.

"Mastering Real Estate Investment" is a solid, practical guide filled with real-world examples and case studies. Learn the step-by-step process of property analysis that makes for profitable real estate investing, so you'll be ready to invest in any market, up or down.

Between now and December 1, 2008 purchase any RealData software package of $99 or more and receive a free copy of Frank's new book, "Mastering Real Estate Investment."

Check Out Our New Blog

We've always provided useful content on www.realdata.com, with educational articles and newsletters.

We want this blog to be a logical extension of that mission, where we can discuss real estate investing and development issues, and tell you about useful resources as soon as we discover them. We definitely will talk about technology. And there are plenty of tips we can give you about using our RealData software to best advantage.

We welcome beginners, experienced investors, academics and real estate professionals alike; and we hope you'll not only view this content, but also jump in with your comments as well.

You can find us at www.realdata.com/blog

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