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February 2009 RealData Dispatch

Making the Case for Your Commercial Refinance, Part 2

Do you have a property with a mortgage that will balloon in the near future? Perhaps you want to extract cash from one investment property to take advantage of a buyer's market and add to your holdings. Or maybe you're just trying to close a deal. Whichever is your situation, you need to make the most compelling case you can for approval of that new loan.

In the first installment of our article, "Making the Case for Your Commercial Refinance," we helped you understand the loan underwriting process as the lender sees it, and showed you how to estimate the maximum amount of financing you could reasonably expect to get.

We invite you now to view the second part of this article, where we demonstrate in detail how to build a presentation that will make a strong and effective case for your commercial re-fi. We show you examples of an extended APOD, a cash flow pro forma, an Executive Summary and more.

To view this article, just go to realdata.com and click on the "Learn" tab on the menu bar.

Get a signed copy of Frank's latest book... FREE

RealData founder Frank Gallinelli's first book, What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow..., has been one of the top-selling real estate books since its release in 2004. Now he has a "sequel" of sorts -- Mastering Real Estate Investment: Examples, Metrics and Case Studies -- and you can get a signed copy at no charge.

In his new book, Frank reinforces the 37 key formulas he taught in "What Every...," then takes you to the next level and shows you how to look beyond the raw numbers and to think like an investor, recognizing both the opportunities and the perils you might encounter when you invest. You accompany him through four case studies; a single family rental, a re-hab project, an apartment building, and a neighborhood shopping center. You crunch the numbers, critique the results, and learn to seek ways to structure a deal for the greatest return.

So here's our personal stimulus plan: Between now and March 15, 2009 purchase any RealData software package of $99 or more and we'll send you a signed copy of Frank Gallinelli's "Mastering Real Estate Investment: Examples, Metrics and Case Studies."

You can buy this book from Amazon or barnesandnoble.com. Or you can get a signed copy at no charge if you purchase any RealData software product of $99 or more. More good news: When you place your software order, we'll ship your book via USPS (under separate cover) also at no charge.

This is a great deal but the offer is good only until March 15 and only to U.S. shipping addresses, so beware the Ides of March and don't delay. Limit of one copy per customer.

You can get more info about this and Frank's other books at http://www.realdata.com/gallinelli.shtml. On that page you'll also find links directly to the Amazon page for each book.


Real Estate Investment Analysis Courses in Connecticut

As you can probably infer by the great emphasis we place on the articles in our realdata.com "Learn" section and upon Frank Gallinelli's books, we view investor education as a major part of our mission. It's a logical next step, therefore, for us to provide such education in a classroom format.

RealData will be conducting a series of classes in real estate investment analysis in March in Bridgeport, CT. There will be two sessions each of an introductory course ("Level 1") and an intermediate course ("Level 2"). Frank Gallinelli will be the instructor.

For more information, and to enroll, please go to realdata.com/ce.

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