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September, 2009 RealData Dispatch

6 Rules of Thumb for Every Real Estate Investor

Those of you who follow our content at RealData.com -- newsletters, books, articles and software -- know that we stress maximizing your chances for success through understanding the metrics of investment property.

Whether you're scrutinizing a piece of property you already own, one you want to sell, or one you may choose to buy or develop, you need to understand the financial dynamics that are at work. The numbers always matter.

We have a new article this month in the Learn section of RealData.com that will give you a concise look at some essential real estate investment "rules of thumb." It is all too easy to get buried under mountains of data and lose focus, so we hope you'll find this article to be an opportunity to get back to basics.

Free Shipping on RealData Software

Our customers love the convenience of being able to purchase our software online and download it immediately, but we often then hear, "I really wish I could also have it on CD as a backup."

Ok, we get it. And now you can get it, too. For a limited time, we're offering free USPS first-class shipping on any order over $50. Just place your shipped order and select "Free First Class Shipping" as your delivery option during checkout. Purchasing your software for download? You can still get a free CD - just email us after placing the order.

Here's the fine print (also published on our blog):

- Applies to U.S. and Canada addresses only.
- Total of items ordered must be greater than $50.
- Does not apply to calculator and e-course.
- Regular fees apply to other shipping methods (i.e., Fedex, Priority Mail).

Treasury Relaxes Commercial Financing Rules

Bloomberg.com recently reported that the Treasury Department has "...adopted rules letting lenders revise commercial real estate loans without triggering tax penalties in an effort to stem a rise in defaults."

The rules, which went into effect September 16, would allow some borrowers to refinance commercial loans without tax penalties. You can view the complete article at the Bloomberg.com.

You Talkin' to Me...?

We're always looking for ways to make communication with our customers easier, and so we've added two new features to our web site. Scroll down to the bottom of our home page, and you'll see two boxes on the right. On of these says "Ring Me." If you would like to have a salesperson call you, just click on that and leave your number.

Even better is the live chat box below. At the very bottom is a random "guest" name, which you can replace with your real name. Then type your message in the box directly above and start a chat session with us.

You'll also find these on our main products page. Both features should be available during our regular office hours, weekdays 9:30 to 5:30 ET.

Save up to 33% on RealData Software

Did you know that you can save a bundle on RealData software? It's easy.

Many of our customers find that they can benefit from not just one but several of our products. Perhaps they're developing and investing in different kinds of property, and need to work with analyses and pro formas of different kinds.

We've assembled five "bundles" that represent the most common combinations of products purchased by our customers, and we offer those bundles at a discount.

They begin with our entry-level Bundle 1, which contains the Ultra-Lite version of our Real Estate Investment Analysis, our Personal Financial Statement software, and our e-course. At the other end is our best value, Bundle 5, where you can buy almost everything we sell and save a very meaningful $662.

Take advantage of this opportunity to get RealData software at a great price.

Resource for Beginning Investors

We recently encountered a site that focuses on the beginning investor. Rev N You publishes a newsletter with videos, tips, resources and tools to help new real estate investors succeed and profit from rental property. When you sign up for the newsletter, you get a complimentary copy of their "Real Estate Investing Starter Tips Guide."

RealData Bookstore

We would like to remind you about a recent addition to realdata.com, The RealData Bookstore. This is not an automated list of best-sellers, but rather a collection of titles that we have hand-picked.

We've included some classics that real estate investors have relied on for years, and also suggested some newer titles that we feel merit your attention.

We hope you'll take a look -- and that you'll send us your recommendations for new titles to add to our list.

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