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October, 2009 RealData Dispatch

New "Express Edition" of Real Estate Investment Analysis Software

Times change. Needs change. Our customers have been telling us what they require to succeed in today's markets, and so we're pleased to announce a new Express Edition of our Real Estate Investment Analysis software. We developed this program as a successor to our REIA Ultra-Lite software -- but we designed it for a wider audience, and with some new features that we think you'll find very valuable.

We designed REIA Express with several audiences in mind. Perhaps you are...

  • a broker who needs to create presentations for potential sellers or buyers;
  • an investor who deals with residential or small- to medium-sized commercial properties;
  • a person who is new to real estate investing, or a student in the fields of real estate development or finance;
  • someone whose specialty is to buy, rehab, and then re-sell property for a profit.

If any of these describe your situation, then the Express Edition of REIA may be just the ticket for you.

Express is really three program in one

  • Detailed Long-Term Analysis -- Create 10-year pro forma projections of income and expenses, rent roll, financing, cash flow before taxes, and resale. Examine key measures of return, such as IRR, PV and cash-on-cash.
  • Quick Long-Term Analysis -- Complete a full "first pass" analysis of a property in just minutes on a single worksheet. Save time, and decide if the property merits a more in-depth analysis.
  • Short-Term Analysis -- Take a month-by-month approach to a property you plan to buy, renovate and resell within two years.

Now, about those new features...

  • Switch from Detailed Analysis Mode to Quick Analysis or Short-Term with just a single mouse-click
  • Observe on-screen alerts as the software automatically highlights potential deal-killers like low Debt Coverage Ratio, sale proceeds that are less than your cash investment, and more
  • Add your logo or other graphic to all reports
  • Add pictures to the Real Estate Business Plan presentation
  • Use our built-in goal seeking to find the purchase price that will make your deal work
  • Apply new financing options, including conversion of interest-only loans to amortized, and second or third mortgages that are placed after acquisition
  • Go Global -- select international currency symbols, metric measures, Canadian loan amortization and more

The price for Express is just $159. You can check out all of the new features on the Express product page.

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

And while we're speaking of discounts, we want to remind you that for a limited time we're offering free USPS first-class shipping on any order over $50. For details, check our blog.

McGraw-Hill Construction Report Sees 2010 Construction Industry Jump

McGraw-Hill released their "2010 Construction Outlook" last week, and it forecasts positive performance for single-family, multi-family, and public works construction.

According to a release on PRNewswire, "Due to improvement for housing from extremely low levels and broader expansion for public works, the level of construction starts in 2010 is expected to climb 11% to $466.2 billion, following the 25% decline predicted for 2009." Read the full release for more details.

Teleseminar to Feature RealData

Rev N You will be speaking with RealData founder Frank Gallinelli in a teleseminar on Tuesday, October 27th at 5pm PST. They'll be discussing his recent article, 6 Rules of Thumb for Every Real Estate Investor. They customarily charge $17 to join a call, but they are making a limited number of signups available at no charge to our subscribers. Go to http://tinyurl.com/ykzrj8r and use the promo code FREE4REALDATA. The code will work for the first 30 people who use it.

New Website Design

We hope you'll like our not-at-all-extreme makeover of realdata.com. You'll notice that pages are wider, so you don't have to scroll as much to find what you're looking for. Also, we're trying to provided a cleaner, simpler look -- again to make it easier for you to navigate and to find the content you want.

We're phasing in the new look a little at a time, so you'll see it now on some pages but not all. We welcome your comments on this new design.

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