January, 2010 RealData Dispatch

A new year is upon us, and of course we hope it will be a better one for investors and developers. We're trying to do our part by strengthening the tools you use to help you make deals. And so... introducing Version 15 of REIA. Also in this month's Dispatch: some news as to the current state of financing for investment property and some new "skinny" books from our friend Jim Randel.

New Version 15 of Real Estate Investment Analysis

Looking for financing or equity investors, or need to deliver a killer proposal to a client? Our new enhancements to REIA will help you make your case with more compelling presentations to lenders, partners, clients and customers.

We've also added a dash of globalization to help broaden the reach of those spiffier proposals. Now, in addition to REIA's already powerful analysis of cash flows, taxable income, resale and partnership considerations, you have these valuable features:

  • Presentation -- Brand your reports with your company logo or personal photo. Add property photos to your presentations with just a click.

  • Globalization -- Choose Canadian-style loan calcs, international currency symbols and metric measures

  • Analysis -- Use our new "alert" feature to warn you of potential bad karma in your deal -- for example, inadequate debt coverage.

And then there's the name change

Fortunately for our customers, we've always been better at designing products than at marketing them. It took us a decade or two to realize that calling our top-of-the-line product the "Standard Edition" was a little like calling it the "Ordinary, Unremarkable Edition." So, even though this program has grown up over almost three decades, today it has a new name: REIA Professional Edition. The price remains the same, however, at just $495.

Registered User or New Customer?

If you are a registered user of Version 14, keep an eye out for an email about upgrading to this new release at a really nominal, recession-friendly price. And if you don't currently use REIA, we encourage you to check out more detailed info about its extraordinary capabilities.

Need Something Simpler?

Some folks really need a nail gun, but others just need a good, well-balanced hammer. If you don't require all the power of our Professional Edition, then check out our new Express Edition. You can use its 3-mode design for a detailed or quick analysis, or even for a short-term month-by-month plan for re-habs.

Commercial Real Estate Credit -- a Sign of Life?

After two years of virtual lockdown, there appear to be burgeoning signs of life in the CMBS market. A recent article from the CoStar(r) Group entitled 'CMBS: Back in Business?' reports several securitization deals that have occurred or are in the works.

The first, between Developers Diversified Realty and Goldman Sachs Commercial Mortgage Capital, was helped along with TALF funds, but two subsequent CMBS deals, one with Bank of America and Fortress Investment Group and another with JPMorgan Chase and Inland Western Retail (see WSJ article) are expected to proceed without TALF assistance.

According to the Dec. 2, 2009 Wall Street Journal, about $1.4 trillion in commercial real estate mortgages will come due by 2013 and "The return of the new-issue CMBS market is considered essential to help avert what could be a serious crisis in the market for offices, hotels, strip malls and other commercial property."

More on the "Skinny"

Last September we told you about a unique series of books by our friend and neighbor, Atty. Jim Randel. Jim and RealData's chief, Frank Gallinelli, share a common approach to investing, so we're enthusiastic about giving his books a well-deserved plug. And he, in return, is extending a discount exlusively to our readers.

Jim's series is called "The Skinny On™..." At first glance the books might seem, well, a bit thin -- after all, they're populated by stick figures. Don't be fooled. These books are excellent. Each one conveys the essential information about its subject in what we can only describe as a remarkably clear and concise way. You could flounder in a 10-pound textbook or you could read one of these in a single train commute to NYC. (I know. I did. I liked.) Then pass it on to a colleague, or maybe to your grown or almost-grown kids.

We told you last time about The Skinny on Real Estate Investing which we think is an excellemt introduction to the topic. Apparently Jim has been busy writing more since we saw him last.

We want to highlight a few new items that we think are especially worthy of your attention. One is The Skinny on Real Estate Investor's Kit, which consists of three books and an audio CD.

  • The Skinny on the Housing Crisis
  • The Skinny on Real Estate Investing
  • The Skinny on Willpower
  • The 10 Keys to Success with Real Estate Investing (CD)

Another is his new book, The Skinny on Success. To quote Jim on this one, it "...is a compilation of the best thinking on the subject of success. Relying on thought leaders from ancient Rome to the present day, this book pulls back the curtain on success and separates the wheat from the chaff. If you want the real story, pick it up and invest one hour. ..."

Finally, be sure to check out The Skinny on Direct Sales:

  • How to develop the right business strategy
  • How to set objectives for your first 100 days
  • How to obtain referrals
  • How to network yourself, and more

Jim agreed once again to extend a 33% discount exclusively to RealData Dispatch readers on all of his products. If you use the promo code below, you can buy the investor kit for $20.07 or the success or direct sales books for $10.02 (each plus shipping).

To take advantage of the discount, go to theskinnyon.com and use the promo code RealData33 when you check out. The code will be good through January 31, 2010.

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We want to remind you that for a limited time we're offering free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our blog.

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