May, 2010 RealData Dispatch

This month we have some new ways to help you get the most from your RealData software and from your customer account.

For Macintosh owners, we have some great news about using our software on the Mac.

For appraisers, there's RealStat to tell you about; and for real estate investors and developers everywhere, we'll follow up on our stories about the latest developments in commercial financing.

New Features in your RealData Customer Account

If you have requested a software demo or purchased software from RealData, then you have a customer account. You can login and return to your account at any time to update your contact information, view order receipts, download software demos and subscribe to our newsletter. Access your account using this simple login address:

In response to customer requests, we've just added an important new feature: You can now download your software and get your serial numbers directly from your account. It will save you a call to tech support, and it's available to you whenever you need it, 24/7.

You can get access to all current products you've licensed as well as some prior releases. Please understand that if you bought products like Real Estate Investment Analysis back in the good old days and are still using an old version, then you'll need to call our support line to talk to our staff about your upgrade options.

Speaking of Upgrades...

Upgrades are important. Not only do they insure that you have the latest and greatest features available in your RealData software; they are also essential for staying compatible with evolving computer environments, such as new types of hardware, updated operating systems and new releases of Microsoft Excel.

Our upgrades cost less than you might think. In fact, they're quite reasonable. View our upgrade prices now.

And don't forget that you can purchase licenses for additional users at a 25% discount off the full program price. That's an extraordinary saving, and we hope you'll take advantage of it. Please call us at 800-899-6060 to purchase additional licenses.

Got Mac?

Our programmers have been very busy recently, working to bring you the latest release of our products for Excel on the Mac.

You can now buy REIA Professional v15, Commercial / Industrial Development and REIA Express with the same features that you would find in our Windows releases.

Please note that at this time, our products will run on Excel for Mac 2004 only.

Our applications are not mere spreadsheets -- they use thousands of lines of VBA programming code to make them powerful and easy to use. But Excel 2008 for the Mac dropped support for VBA. However, it has been widely reported that Microsoft will restore VBA support when it releases Office for Mac 2011 later this year.

Look for further updates on our Mac product line in the coming months.

RealData Knowledge Base

Everybody needs a little help now and then. The trouble is, at the hour you need to ask a question, your favorite support or sales person may be tucked snugly in bed -- especially if you're in a faraway area code. Not to worry.

Got a question about installing or using RealData software? Want to ask an important question before you buy? We've got answers. In fact, we have an extensive database of questions and answers right on our web site.

There you can quickly get answers to your questions 24 hours per day. We recently added lots of content to the knowledgebase for your convenience. It's accessible both to current users and to those who are "just looking." Give it a try.

RealStat Appraisal Software

RealData serves as the exclusive reseller for the RealStat appraisal software, and we take it as a hopeful sign for the market that we've seen a recent uptick in interest in this program.  

RealStat is a multiple regression analysis that allows the user to value real estate statistically in relation to comparable sales.

RealStat was designed by Eugene Pasymowski, MAI.  Eugene has more than 20 years experience in real estate brokerage and valuation and is an MAI designated member of the Appraisal Institute.

You can learn more about this valuable appraisal tool at

Commercial Real Estate Financing -- More Signs of Life?

In the January issue of the RealData Dispatch, we reported that there were two securitization deals in the works after two years of lockdown in the CMBS market. Speaking with colleagues at a recent real estate conference, we learned of some welcome new activity on the CMBS front.

In early April, RBS offered a $309.7 million CMBS backed by 81 properties. According to a report in Reuters, this was "...the first multi-loan sale since 2008... ."

A month later came word of an even bigger deal on the horizon with JPMorgan Chase. Again according to Reuters, the bond is expected to be priced at $840 million and be "...for sale to both senior investors and an equity 'B-piece' buyer, according to one investor."

The challenges facing commercial real estate financing are well known. We hope that this re-emergence of CMBS activity foretells a growing appetite for these securities, and the return of financing for commercial property.

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We're continuing our offer of free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our blog.

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