August, 2010 RealData Dispatch

As the end of summer approaches, we've been working on our own version of back-to-school for real estate investors. This month's RealData Dispatch is all about educational resources and content: New articles and videos, and an encore for our popular book promo.

5 More Rules of Thumb for Real Estate Investors

In a previous article – 6 Rules of Thumb for Every Real Estate Investor – I offered some guidance that might reasonably be held dear by every income-property investor. Woe to him or to her who doesn't take a property's vital signs, such as Debt Coverage Ratio, Loan-to-Value, or Cap Rate, to heart before making an investment decision.

Hidden below these very objective measures, however, is a sub-stratum of more subjective issues to consider when you invest. It would be a stretch to suggest that these considerations apply to every investor or to every situation. Your mileage may vary. Still, these are issues that should be worthy of your attention whenever you invest in real estate.

Read the rest of this artice here...

Educational Videos

RealData founder Frank Gallinelli teaches real estate finance at the Columbia grad school, as well as investment analysis in public and professional seminars. For the benefit of visitors to we will be posting a series of videos from some of his public classes. Two video clips are available now for you to view.

In the first segment, Frank talks about due diligence for real estate investors; in the second he discusses the basic and essential terminology that every income-property investor needs to know. He then shows how those terms are used to build the real estate equivalent of a Profit and Loss Statement, called the Annual Property Operating Data (APOD) form.

Be sure to come back often to catch new clips as they become available. If you would like to discuss having Frank address or teach a seminar to your group, contact him directly via email at

Recovering from the Finanical Crisis

We're featuring what we think is an exceptionally lucid article by Federal Reserve V.P. and senior policy advisor John Duca. He discusses the four key “shocks” suffered by the U.S. economy during the financial crisis: As he states quite succinctly, “Home construction plunged, wealth fell, credit standards tightened and financial markets seized up.”

He discusses the relationship between home construction and GDP, housing’s wealth effect, and the availability of credit; and concludes with a balanced assessment of what may lie ahead for both the U.S. and global economies. He cites indicators that point to recovery, but tempers those with a discussion of the downside risks that remain.

There are enough stats and charts here to satisfy number crunchers like us, but the prose is clear and readable enough to stand on its own.

We think this is material that anyone in real estate, construction or mortgage finance should read.

Get a Signed Copy of Mastering Real Estate Investment... Free

RealData founder Frank Gallinelli's first book, What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow..., has been one of the top-selling real estate books since its release in 2004. He has written a popular sequel, Mastering Real Estate Investment: Examples, Metrics and Case Studies.

Last year we offered a promotion with this book, and since this is an all-education edition of the Dispatch, we're repeating it now.

Here's the deal: Between now and September 1, purchase any RealData software for $100 or more and we'll send you a free, signed copy of Frank Gallinelli's latest book, Mastering Real Estate Investment.

You can buy this book from Amazon or Or you can get a signed copy at no charge if you purchase any RealData software product of $100 or more. More good news: When you place your software order, we'll ship your book via USPS (under separate cover) also at no charge.

You can get more info about this and Frank's other books on our website. You'll also find links directly to the Amazon page for each book.

Speaking of Books...

Visit the RealData Bookstore, where we have a hand-picked selection of books for real estate investors, developers, and agent.

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We're continuing our offer of free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our blog.

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