September, 2010 RealData Dispatch

In recent months, many of our customers have asked us to add more functionality to our comparative lease software. Whether you're acting as landlord or tenant, leasing agent or tenant rep, the current economy demands that you fully understand the financial implications of the deal you're working on -- and that makes this software especially timely.

In particular, with many businesses feeling the need to trim back the size of their operations, quite a few  have asked for the ability to evaluate the consequences of subletting their space. So, we've been working diligently to meet these needs and have just released Version 3 of CLA.

Comparative Lease Analysis, New Version 3

No matter which side of the negotiating table you're on, CLA will help you assess the true cost or benefit of multiple lease alternatives.

  • Project up to ten years of leasing revenue and costs.
  • Simultaneously compare as many as six different leases, or six alternative scenarios for a single lease.
  • Make projections that include base rent, CPIs, and pass-throughs.
  • Estimate your expected tenant improvements, build-out allowances, free rent period, moving costs/relocation allowance and more.
  • Account for the time value of money with PV calculations appllied to the effective rent.
  • Use new Sublease functionality to weigh the revenue you might collect from a subtenant against your obligations under your current lease.
  • Use international currency symbols and metric measures, add photos and company logos to your reports, and much more. Get an overview of the program (with screen shots and sample reports) as well as a detailed list of features.

Live Interview, "Income Property Investment Talk"

RealData founder Frank Gallinelli will be the guest on "Income Property Investment Talk,"  Wednesday, September 15 at 11:00 A.M. EST.  He will be speaking with Peter L. Mosca about some of the concepts he covers in his popular book, "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow.

You can listen to the program live online at and you can call in to ask questions during the show at 866-472-5790.

Special New Pricing on Two Software "Bundles"

As part of the launch of our new Comparative Lease Analysis , we're offering bigger savings for a limited time on two of our software bundles.

With Bundle 4 at $1,199 you save $564 and get

Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Professional Edition
Commercial/Industrial Development
On Schedule
Comparative Lease Analysis
Personal Financial Statement

With Bundle 5 at $1,299 you get just about everything but our office furniture, and you save $762 in the process. You receive all of the above, plus

Portfolio Analysis add-on for REIA Professional
Comparison Analysis add-on for REIA Professional
1031 Exchange Analysis 
Understanding Real Estate Investments e-course

To get these special prices now go to our "software bundles" page.

Why Not Curl Up with a Good Real Estate Book?

Visit our newly expanded RealData Bookstore, where we have a hand-picked selection of books for real estate investors, developers, and agents.

 Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We're continuing our offer of free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our blog.

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