January, 2011 RealData Dispatch

New Mac-Compatible Releases of RealData Software

At last! Microsoft has released Excel 2011 for the Macintosh, so we have been able to build all-new Mac-compatible versions of our RealData software.

What's the Big Deal? (or, Microsoft's answer to "Paradise Lost" for Mac users)

Our software is much more than your accountant's plain vanilla Excel spreadsheet. Both the power and the ease of use of RealData's Excel-based products come largely from something you can't see: thousands upon thousands of lines of VBA "macro" code driving great stuff like report generation, goal-seeking, commercial lease wizards and more.

But Microsoft, inexplicably, dropped support for VBA on the Mac in Office 2008, so users had  to settle for Excel 2004 in order to run our programs. Check your calendar -- computer years are even longer than dog years, so that was old technology.

Thankfully, Microsoft has seen the light and restored VBA in their new Excel 2011; and we wasted not a moment getting to work re-writing our products to make good use of the new Excel. It was no small task, but  now all of our products are truly Mac-compatible.

Not only will you have the advantage of Excel's new interface and features, but you'll now be able to use the latest versions of RealData software on your Mac -- even REIA Express, Version 2 and the RealData Real Estate Calculator -- and you'll see all of our programs run at speeds that are orders of magnitude faster than they ran with Excel 2004.

If you're using one of our older Excel 2004-based programs, we urge you to upgrade to our new releases. Just call us at 800-899-6060. For the month of January, we'll even take 30% off the price of any of our Mac upgrades. Or if  you're switching to a Mac from a PC, we'll give the same discount off our cross-platform charge.

(A sidebar note: Because these programs are not simply spreadsheets, WIndows versions won't work properly on the Mac and vice-versa. That's why we created these new releases specifically for the Mac.)

We've been serving the Mac platform since 1984, and we're delighted to be doing so again -- properly, with all our latest releases.

Learn by Watching, then Doing -- Videos to Help You Get the Most from RealData Software

These printed words you're reading are so twentieth century. This is the age of video, and it's time for us to get with it.

Starting this month, we are building what we hope will be a valuable library of  videos -- brief and to the point -- that will will help you install, use, and get the greatest benefit from our software. You'll find videos on some of our most frequently asked tech support questions, like "How do I enable macros?" or "What can I do from the custom  RealData menu that you've added to Excel?"

We also have videos to show  you how to use some of our most helpful and powerful features, like goal-seeking and the commercial property wizards for entering lease data and rollovers.

Our first batch of videos is ready on our website now.  We expect to grow this library significantly in coming weeks, so please check back.  Also, if you would like to suggest a topic for a video, we would be delighted to hear from you.

The RERA Report -- U.S. Real Estate Digest

We recently happened upon an excellent resource that we're anxious to tell you about: The RERA Report from Real Estate Research Associates. It's a free digest of serious real estate news, and it can show up in your inbox each morning.

It draws on sources like Bloomberg, Crain's, WSJ, the Real Deal, and major metropolitan newspapers. Makes you feel like the president, getting your morning briefing before you tackle the world.

It's brand new, so they don't have their website up yet, but we've arranged to give you a link to a sample copy. Within that copy you'll find a link you can click to subscribe.  

We think it's definitely worth a look.

RealData in the Classroom

RealData founder Frank Gallinelli will be teaching real estate investment analysis at Columbia again this semester in their MSRED program.

A number of colleges and universities have been using our software for instructional purposes in their classes on real estate finance and investment. In addition, many instructors also use texts by Gallinelli to provide sample problems and case studies. These books are available in both print and Kindle format. 

If you would like to find out more about academic use of any RealData product, please reach us via our online contact form.

New Pricing on Two Software "Bundles"

Just a reminder that  we're offering bigger savings on two of our software bundles.

With Bundle 4 at $1,199 you now save $564 and get

Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Professional Edition
Commercial/Industrial Development
On Schedule
Comparative Lease Analysis
Personal Financial Statement

With Bundle 5 at $1,299 you get just about everything but our office furniture, and you save $762 in the process. You receive all of the above, plus

Portfolio Analysis add-on for REIA Professional
Comparison Analysis add-on for REIA Professional
1031 Exchange Analysis 
Understanding Real Estate Investments e-course

To get these special prices now go to our "software bundles" page.

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We're continuing our offer of free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our real estate investment blog.

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