April, 2011 RealData Dispatch

The Flavor of the Month: Apartment Investing

It comes as no surprise to those of us who are a bit long in the tooth: The recent economic environment has been bad for almost everything, but it's good for multi-family investment property.

When credit flows freely, almost anyone who can buy a house will buy a house. (Whether they can pay for it after the closing is of course another matter.) On the other hand, when credit tightens or dries up almost completely, then the subprime prospects are frozen out of the housing market, along with a sizeable group of perfectly responsible borrowers who now find they can't clear the considerably elevated qualification standards. It doesn't take tremendous insight to realize that most of these people are now  candidates for apartment space. Remember Econ 101?  Supply, demand, etc.  Continue reading -->

Software Updates

Our programmers have been busy making sure our products stay current with changes happening in hardware, spreadsheets, tax laws and more.

  • Users of our Real Estate Investment Analysis, Express and Pro Editions, can request a new build that takes into account  the recent extension of the 15% capital gain tax rate for sales through 2012. To request a new build, send us a support ticket.

  • Our products now have full 64-bit compatibility. That  includes a new PDF printer, which previously worked only on 32-bit machines.

  • Our products now install with native file formats for both Excel 2002/2003 and 2007/2010 for Windows, as well as 2004/2011 for Macintosh.

More Positive Thinking -- Yale Real Estate Conference

A few weeks ago, Frank attended the Yale Alumni National Real Estate Conference, put on each year by YAREA. As always, they had excellent speakers and panel discussions.

What he found especially interesting was the upbeat attitude toward commercial real estate (re: homes, don't ask). As the day moved on, many speakers were asked to name their expected "surprise" for 2011. The surprises included greater availability of commercial financing, more commercial deals, and even the start of a comeback for development activity. It was encouraging to hear comments like these from some hard-core real estate and finance people. Let's hope they're right.

RealData Investor Education

  • RealData founder Frank Gallinelli will be teaching real estate investment analysis at Columbia again this summer in their MSRED program.

    A number of colleges and universities have been using our software for instructional purposes in their classes on real estate finance and investment.

    In addition, many instructors also use texts by Gallinelli to provide sample problems and case studies. These books are available in both print and Kindle format.  If you would like to find out more about academic use of any RealData product, please reach us via our online contact form.

  • We will soon be offering webinars (some of them free) online.  Among the topics we're considering: Can Real Estate Still Be a Good Investment? and Why Do the Math? How Can You Benefit from 'Running the Numbers'. We especially want to hear from you as to what topics you would like us to cover, so please leave us a comment on our Facebook page.

  • We have a growing page of videos to help you get the most from RealData software. For example, learn how to find the purchase price that will help you meet your investment criteria or how to use our partnership analysis. You'll also find except from some of Frank Gallinelli's lectures in the "YouTube" link on the left side of our Facebook page.

RealData on Social Media

In case you didn't get the memo, we've decided to join the 21st century. Yes, RealData is on Facebook.

You'll be happy to know that we didn't suddenly go soft in the head. There are no baby pictures there, no recipes for banana muffins. Strictly business.

Social media is an efficient and immediate way to let you know about upcoming webinars, ebooks, and other educational events and resources. We'll also tell you about special promotions we're having, and about new products and enhancements to our current products.  You even get an occasional promo code for our software -- an exclusive for our Facebook fans.

So please accept our invitation, and go to RealData's Facebook page and click the "like" button at the top of the page. That will take you through the door (literally) to our content.

And if that's not enough, then follow Frank on Twitter at or connect with him on LinkedIn

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We're continuing our offer of free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our real estate investment blog.

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