March, 2012 RealData Dispatch

Now Available for Macintosh:
Real Estate Investment Analysis, Version 16

We released the Windows version about eight weeks ago, and now we're pleased to offer our Macintosh customers the latest edition of our most popular and powerful software tool  for real estate investors.

What's New in Version 16?

  • The Decision Maker

    The centerpiece of v16 is a new module called "The Decision Maker," where you can stress-test your deal. There you can toggle your main assumptions up or down with arrows, while watching the effect of each change as it displays instantly on the bottom half of the page. You'll see more than a dozen key metrics, such as cash flow and IRR as they update immediately.

  • Detailed Capital Improvements

    You can now choose to fill out a complete year-by-year schedule of improvements, or simply enter an annual total.

  • Detailed Closing Costs

    Likewise, you now have the option to itemize acquisition closing costs or to enter a single amount.

  • Improved Reports

    We really do pay attention when users call and say things like, "Why doesn't the partnership presentation show cash-on-cash return?" We keep track of those requests, and you'll find several now implemented in v16.

  • Import Data from Your Version 15 Analyses

    If you're upgrading from v15 to v16 you can run a special function that will read all of the user entries from an analysis you did in v15 and transfer that information into the new version. 
If you missed our January Dispatch you can check that out for a closer look at the details of this new release, or you can go to our website for complete info. One important note: You must have a Mac running OS X and Excel 2011.  Because of the advanced capabilities in this release,  Excel 2004, 2008 and other versions of Excel for Mac will not properly run REIA v16 for Mac.

Upgrade from Version 15

If you're currently a registered user of v15, keep your eye out for an email from us with upgrade info.

New Video Series - Evaluating an Income-Property Investment

We've just released a new six-part video series, How to Evaluate an Income-Property Investment. It takes a mixed-use property (so we can demonstrate both residential and commercial revenue sources) and tracks the analysis process from a quick, back-of-the-envelope first pass, through a more detailed look at revenue, expenses, cash flows, taxes -- even partnership possibilities. You'll end up reshaping the deal on terms that would work for you.

We use REIA v16 to work through the analysis, so if you have that software we hope you'll  pick up a few pointers on that as well.

You can start by downloading the written case study so you'll have the necessary facts and figures. Then watch the first video in the series -- it's free. If you want to continue, you can get more info and purchase the remaining set of five videos here. The regular price is $59, but Dispatch subscribers can use this coupon code -- 2012video6 -- to take $10 off.

Frank Gallinelli to Speak at BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Summit and Expo, March 23-4

Bigger Pockets Real Estate Investing Summit and Expo, March 2012RealData founder and president, Frank Gallinelli, will be one of the featured speakers at the BiggerPockets REI Summit to be held in Denver, March 23-24. He'll speak on, "Real Estate Investment Analysis, Methods and Mindset -- What to Know, What to Do."

According to BP founder Josh Dorkin, "BiggerPockets is planning on having dozens of expert investors, commentators and educators speak to an audience that is expected to include hundreds of attendees from around the country. Through lectures, roundtables, and other session formats, the event will cover topics including rehabbing, landlording, investing in notes & mortgages, real estate financing & capital raising, commercial investing, and much more."

As you probably know, we've been a big fan of  BiggerPockets since its early days, and we're not surprised that it has grown to more than 85,000 members and 250,000 unique visitors each month.  What we like is that it steers clear of the "guru" and get-rich-quick nonsense that is so common in the industry, and focuses on genuine investor education and networking. The forums are very valuable and well moderated. If you're not already a member of BiggerPockets, it's certainly worthwhile --  and free to join. 

Hope to see you at the conference.

Free Excel Tutorials

We always have an eye out for good educational resources, and since our products are Excel based we were especially intrigued when we heard out about What caught our attention in particular were the free online tutorials for the various releases of Excel. It's no secret that everything you know how to do in older versions of Excel or Word can become a frustrating adventure in more recent releases. These tutorials may help you either learn Excel from the ground up, or master the changes in newer versions.

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We're continuing our offer of free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our real estate investment blog.

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