April, 2012 RealData Dispatch

New Educational Content for Real Estate Investors

Ten Commandments for Real Estate Investors

Recently I had the honor of being asked to speak at the BiggerPockets Real Estate Investment Summit in Denver.  I concluded my talk with “Ten Commandments for Real Estate Investors,” but time didn't permit going into as much detail as I wanted. Thanks to the wonders of modern blog posting, however, I can now share the unabridged version.

Go to the RealData Blog, where I discuss each "commandment" in a separate article, starting with "Thou Shalt Take Nothing for Granted." As of this writing, you'll find the first seven articles in this series posted on the blog; the last three are in the queue for the coming week.

I hope you find the series worthwhile and invite you to share your comments and your own experiences on each of the topics.

   -------- Frank Gallinelli

Free Bonus with REIA Software -- Six-Part Video Series: How to Evaluate an Income-Property Investment

We recently released a  six-part video series, How to Evaluate an Income-Property Investment and for a limited time we're offering it free when you purchase Real Estate Investment Analysis,  v16 (Professional Edition).

The series takes a mixed-use property and tracks the analysis process from a quick, back-of-the-envelope first pass, through a more detailed look at revenue, expenses, cash flows, taxes -- even partnership possibilities. You'll end up reshaping the deal on terms that would work for you.

We use REIA v16to work through the analysis, so the videos can also help you learn more about using the software.

Start by downloading the written case study so you'll have the necessary facts and figures. You can watch the first video in the series -- it's free. If you want to continue, you can get more info and purchase the remaining set of five videos here. The regular price is $59,

Or simply purchase REIA v16 now and we'll send you a followup email with instructions for free access to the complete six-part series. (Sorry, but this offer applies only to REIA 16 bought on or after April 30, 2012 -- not previous purchases.) This free bonus will be available for a just a limited time, so don't delay.

Just a reminder: REIA v16 is new for 2012, and is now also available for the Macintosh as well as Windows.

Reminder: Free Shipping on RealData Software

We're continuing our offer of free USPS first-class shipping on any software order over $50. For details, check our real estate investment blog.

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