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RealData Seminars in May and June

There's just no accounting for people's tastes. Recently McGraw-Hill published my new book, "What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow..." I always wanted to be rich and famous and wouldn't you know it -- I had to settle for just famous.

Well, maybe not Britney-famous but apparently notorious enough to be asked to do a series of seminars at Learning Annex venues around the country. My long march starts in Minneapolis on May 22, then New York on June 3, followed by Los Angeles on June 14, San Diego on June 15 and San Francisco on June 17.

I'll be discussing the basics of choosing and evaluating an investment property -- in particular, I'll be focusing on the financial analysis of income-producing real estate. I'll be dealing with some general issues about looking for an investment property, then get into the nitty gritty of cash flow analysis, value and rates of return.

If you would like to attend (or want to inflict this on a colleague); then either use the direct links above or go to http://learningannex.com. Select the city; then use the pull down at the upper left to select "real estate." Look for me.
New Article - The Art of Negotiation and the "Flinch Factor"

As you probably know, we provide an extensive collection of educational material at realdata.com. Recently we added a new area to the "Learn" section of our web site where we reprint selected articles authored by our Dispatch readers.

We have a new one this month by Troy Berg that I think you'll enjoy. Troy is a communications expert. He looks at the negotiation process and turns some conventional wisdom about that process on its head. To view the article, go to realdata.com and click on the "Learn" tab.

Featured Resource: The Mortgage Professor

Every month we try to find a useful and interesting site to tell you about. This month I have one I really like. The Mortgage Professor is the real deal. The author is professor of finance emeritus at the Wharton School and his site contains the most extensive collection of articles about mortgage financing I've ever seen in one place. There is information about type of mortgages, types of lenders, mortgage brokers, settlement costs, using the Internet, credit issues -- that's barely a sample of his table of contents. Go to the Learn page at realdata.com and click on the featured resource link.
Frank Gallinelli

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