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New 1031 Exchange Analysis

In our last newsletter we promised to have a new program for the analysis of Section 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. Promise kept — it’s now available.

A favorite reseller of ours acquired the rights to this program some months ago. He turned it over to us as exclusive distributors and we’ve polished it up with a new, cleaner interface and improved reporting.

Before you get yourself ankle-deep into an exchange, you want to know what it’s going to take to structure the deal so that you can defer all or most of the gain. With The Exchangor you can balance equities, evaluate boot given and received, estimate the realized and recognized gains, calculate the transfer basis and compare property cash flows. A convenient worksheet even helps you build a sample (i.e. pro forma) form 8824.

You can find more info at http://www.realdata.com/p/1031/1031productpage.shtml The program is available for immediate download for just $195 or on CD for a small additional shipping charge.

Save a bundle with software bundles

We’ve had a great response to the re-introduction of our special pricing for program bundles. Many of our customers find that they need more than one of our products. For example, you may be analyzing both the development phase of an income as well as the long-term holding, so you need our Commercial/Industrial Development and Real Estate Investment Analysis software. Or perhaps you’re a beginning investor who can make good use of our e-course, Personal Financial Statement and Ultra-Lite investment analysis. With these new bundles, more is less – as in, more software costs less money. Check out the special pricing at http://realdata.com/prodcombo.shtml.

RealData's Frank Gallinelli Guest Lecturer at Columbia

I'm honored that, for a second year, Columbia University has invited me to serve as a Guest Lecturer in their Master of Science in Real Estate Development Program (MSRED) where I will teach "Overview of Real Property Investment Analysis." During the summer we’re providing the students with study materials, including our e-course. I’ve been receiving emails from the students with remarkably astute questions, so I think some very capable developers are going to emerge from this year’s class.

This is an appropriate time to mention that we offer academic software licensing to colleges, universities and real estate schools for classroom use and for student competition purposes. For more information contact us via http://www.realdata.com/bl/contactus.shtml

Call to Authors – Share your Knowledge

Last Fall we added a new area to the “Learn” section of our web site devoted to articles by readers of our newsletter. We’d like to renew our invitation for you to share your knowledge and experience. If you would like to submit an article for consideration, send us an email at roxanne@realdata.com. No cash will change hands (remember, you're doing this to benefit fellow investors and developers) but we will provide an email or website link back to you if you want it. We reserve the right to choose the articles we think are most appropriate (and to repair punctuation and grammar if necessary!). Don't be shy – send us your stuff.

Call to Us – Operators are Standing By

I guess we’re an anachronism. When you call RealData you won’t hear, “Press 1 for world peace. Press 2 repeatedly to discuss multiple personality disorders.” It has become more and more common for small software companies to allow customers to contact them by email only (maybe because no one is there to answer the phone?) but that is a trend that we’ve resisted. Real people answer our phones; each of them is knowledgeable about our products and ready to help you.

We try to provide extensive sales and support information about our products on our web site, because that’s an efficient and effective way of conveying that information. We monitor our help desk nights and weekends. But not every question can be answered online. If you have such a question, we want you to know that we welcome your call.

We are indeed “standing by” – at 800-899-6060 for sales and 203-255-1445 for support – during our regular office hours of 9:30 to 5:30 Eastern time, Monday through Friday. Call us.

Frank Gallinelli

RealData® Inc.

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