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New Software Tutorials Online

For more than 20 years a major feature of our software has always been that is is easy to learn and to use. Easy enough, in fact, that we have never charged for support. That ease of use notwithstanding, we keep looking for better ways to help our customers familiarize themselves with our products --- and we believe we've found a great one.

You can now go to our website and run more than two dozen animated tutorials covering topics from installing the software to enabling Excel macros to entering data in each of our programs. Each of these tutorials shows you the actual screenshots and mouse movements -- great for those who learn visually (this writer is one of those people).

If you currently own some of our products (and especially if you're a relatively new user), be sure to take a look. They take just a few minutes each and highlight key features you should know about.

If you're considering the purchase of one of our applications then you definitely want to take a look. These tutorials will give you a window into the programs and you can get a good feel for how the programs work and what they do.

Go to our learn page (http://www.realdata.com/learn.shtml) and click on the tutorials link at the top of the page. -- you'll watch them right in your browser.

Software User Guides - Now They're Online, Too!

Most of our applications come with comprehensive user's guides, documentation that you can use as a resource when you're looking for details about a particular feature or answers to a specific question. As with most reference books, even if they are on your computer, the time you need them is the time you can't find them. Problem solved. Now you can go to the support section of realdata.com and download a copy of the current user's guide for any of our programs.

If you don't own a particular program and want to find out about it in greater detail -- for example, can a second mortgage be put in place in year 3? -- will the program handle an assumed mortgage? -- check out it's user's guide. Go to http://www.realdata.com and click on the "Support" tab.

Featured Resource -- Sperling's Best Places

It seems to us that the best places to live ought to be among the best places to invest in real estate. That's why we think this web site, which collects and analyzes data about the livability of American cities, is one you should check out. Their analyses take into account factors like economy, housing, climate, transportation, education, crime, health care, art and recreation.
This information can be a good starting point if you are looking to invest outside of your immediate area or in the case of my loyal employees... looking for a winter office anywhere but in freezing New England.

If you're an agent, you can even partner with these folks to serve their data to your clients. To find out more, go to the "Learn" tab at http://www.realdata.com and click on the featured resource.
Haven't You Housebroken that Spam Filter Yet?

Don't waste any perfectly good breath telling us how much you hate spam email. We get about 500 such messages on a typical day. It's a wonder we get anything done (do we?). Most of the major email providers now include some kind of automatic spam filtering, which is a good thing -- but to contradict Mae West's famous observation, sometimes too much of a good thing is not wonderful. Recently we've received several messages from customers who wanted to know what happened to the receipts or the download links for the software they purchased from us. Our shopping cart sends these messages instantly as soon as an order is placed, so we know they've gone out. But gone where?

Follow-up phone calls to our customers have revealed the answer. These messages have been automatically diverted to the recipients' trash or spam mailboxes by providers such as Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Mail. Of course, when the customer writes us to ask, "Where is it?" we can't answer because our reply will go into the same place. What to do?

Please consider this advice: First of all, whenever you place an online order, whether it is with us or any other company, check the contents of your spam and email trash folders before you empty them. Commercial email is likely to get dumped in the trash. There is a good chance you will find messages in there that are important. Second, many of the spam filters give you the opportunity to train them by identifying mail as "not really spam" or by setting up filters so that messages from your boss will always end up in you inbox where, of course, they belong. Use these resources. Don't let the spam filter eat your homework.
Frank Gallinelli

RealData® Inc.

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