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New Article: Why Should I Pay You for This Software? It’s Just an Excel Template, Right? I Can Do That Myself!

Most of our software products are built on top of Microsoft Excel and from time to time we hear questions like these: "Can a spreadsheet-based program really be as good as a standalone program? Couldn't I write this myself? How can I tell the difference between a first-rate, professional Excel app and one that doesn't quite cut it?

If you're a real estate investor or developer, you don't need to waste your time sawing with a dull blade. Learn to tell the good from the bad from the ugly. To view this article, go to our learn page, http://www.realdata.com/learn.shtml.

"RealData Software Affiliate Program"

If you have a web site with content of interest to real estate investors and developers, financial professionals, lenders, appraisers or commercial brokers, then why not start the new year by adding RealData.com to your site? Apply for a RealData affiliate account. When approved, you will be able to link to us and earn a significant commission on each sale that originates from your site.

(A cautionary note: We take our good reputation seriously and will only accept sites that have suitable content and good design. If your site offers products or information to get-rich-quick in real estate with no money, no credit, no time and no common sense, then fuhgedaboudit.)

To apply, first review our Affiliate Agreement at http://www.realdata.com/affiliate/terms.shtml. After you accept that agreement, then submit a request for an affiliate account through our Online Help Desk (http://www.realdata.com/helpdesk/). We will review your site and application promptly, and notify you of your approval status.

We would like to welcome Chartered Financial Group (http://www.charteredfinancialgroup.com) as our newest affiliate web site.

Author, Author

A few months ago we added an area to the "Learn" section at RealData.com where third-party authors have been able to share their knowledge and experience (http://www.realdata.com/ls/learn2.shtml). If you have an article you think would be of interest to our readers, we urge you to submit it for consideration. Send us an email at dispatch@realdata.com. There is no fee paid but we will provide an email or website link back to you if you would like.

As you can see when you visit our site, we sell software --- but we also place a considerable emphasis on education for real estate investors and developers by providing a variety of informative resources. We hope you'll contribute your expertise to this effort.
Frank Gallinelli

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