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New Comparative Lease Analysis, Version 2.0

We’re pleased to announce the release of a new version of our Comparative Lease Analysis software. If you’re not familiar with this program, it is designed not only to benefit leasing brokers, but also for commercial landlords and tenants, who can use it to evaluate offers and counter-offers in negotiation.

“CLA” allows you to compare up to six leases (or variations of a single lease) with varying provisions for CPIs, pass-throughs, build-outs and other considerations and to see immediately how the leases stack up economically. For each lease it calculates the present value of all revenues and costs.

In Version 2.0 we’ve updated the program to make it substantially easier to use (and also to be consistent with our other products in this regard). You can access main program functions from a menu that we add to Excel while our program is active. Data entry is more straightforward and we have added online help and new error-trapping. You’ll find redesigned reports that you can now print easily from a special menu-driven dialog. You can also use the RealData PDF print driver (free) to create reports viewable with Adobe Acrobat® – and you can share these reports with clients via email.

We’re foregoing our usual upgrade charge and offering Version 2.0 free via download to registered users of Version 1.0. If you would like to receive the program on CD instead, the cost for media and shipping is $19.

To obtain your upgrade, call us at 800-899-6060 with your serial or invoice number information in hand and we will provide instructions for receiving the upgrade. If you purchased and downloaded the program, this information was sent to you via email. If you received a CD, the serial number is on the CD wallet.

If you cannot locate your serial or invoice number, give us a call anyway and we’ll do our best to find your purchase history in our database.

RealData Seminars in May and June

Just a reminder – I’ll be speaking at The Learning Annex in Minneapolis on May 22, then New York on June 3, followed by Los Angeles on June 14, San Diego on June 15 and San Francisco on June 17.

I'll discuss the basics of choosing and evaluating an investment property – in particular, focusing on the financial analysis of income-producing real estate, including cash flow analysis, value and rates of return.

For more information click on the city links above or go to http://learningannex.com. Select the city; then use the pull down at the upper left to select "real estate." Look for me.
Frank Gallinelli

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