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New Software Release - On Schedule 3.0 now Available for both Macintosh and Windows

Version 3.0 of our On Schedule software is now available for Macintosh as well as Windows-based systems. The program is designed for developers of subdivisions and condo projects and helps the user create month-by-month projections of development costs, project absorption, loan draws and repayments. This program has really stood the test of time since its first release in 1984 and has been one of our most popular products.

To learn more and to place an order online, visit: http://realdata.com/p/os/osproductpage.shtml

Take Our Product Survey and Win $100, $200 or $300 off Your Next Purchase of RealData Software.

During 23 years in the software business, many of the ideas for product improvements and new applications have come from you, our customers. Up until now, we've been pretty informal about how we've collected your opinions. Our customer survey, which runs until December 15th, is where you can tell us how you feel about our products and service, what we can improve and what we might add to our offerings. As an incentive, we're offering 3 prizes worth up to $300 off your next purchase of RealData software. If you don't care to be entered in the drawing, you can take the survey in complete anonymity. Access the survey by going to: http://www.realdata.com and clicking the survey link on the home page.

In either case, thanks for your participation.

RealData Software Updates

If you're a user of RealData software we would like to be sure you're using the latest version of our products. At the top of one of the first two worksheets in our Excel-based programs for Windows (for example, on the "General" sheet in Real Estate Investment Analysis) you should find a version number and a "build" number. We generally release new versions when we implement significant improvements, new builds for minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Go to http://realdata.com/p/builds.shtml and compare your RealData programs to the latest version and build numbers in the table shown there. If you don't have the current version, you may qualify for a free or reduced-price upgrade. If you do have the latest version but not the latest build then you can definitely receive the latest at no charge. To obtain a new build (free) or to find out the cost of an upgrade, submit a support ticket through our helpdesk. Please include the program serial number if you can locate it and, of course, your name.

Since we last posted this reminder we've tweaked the Lease-vs.-Buy module in the Standard Edition of Real Estate Investment Analysis for Windows, so that build number is now 1.11. Also, we'll be releasing a new version of our 1031 Exchange program in the next few weeks. If you own the current version you'll be able to receive the new release at no charge via download. Expect an email from us when it is available.

New Featured Resource for Satellite Imagery

The birds-eye view of your properties has never been better than with the images available through Keyhole Corporation. Recently acquired by Google, this service provides a level of zooming and detail not found elsewhere: quickly zoom to street level with a surprising amount of details, tilt the view to see surrounding terrain, measure distances, email photos or print them for your reports and presentations. Definitely worth a look: http://www.realdata.com/learn.shtml

Save a bundle with software bundles – special pricing

We continue to have a great response to the re-introduction of our special pricing for program bundles. Many of our customers find that they need more than one of our products and this is a great way to save. Check out the special pricing at http://www.realdata.com/prodcombo.shtml

Frank Gallinelli

RealData® Inc.

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