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New Article: Managing for Value

Users of our software recognize the importance of analyzing an income property when buying or selling. But then there’s that stretch of time in between, when you must own and operate the property. In our latest article we discuss some ways you might tune your management style to optimize your property’s value. Find it the “Learn” section at realdata.com: http://realdata.com/learn.shtml

New Featured Resource: Hedgestreet

If you like to take your investments straight up, then you may find this website intriguing. Hedgestreet lets you bet on a variety of financial events: interest rates, employment, gold, crude oil, residential real estate and more. Now real estate “flippers” can speculate on the direction of the housing market without ever having to unclog a toilet. Sounds like this site could put the neighborhood bookie out of business though, so you may want to bet on a downtick in employment. You can find the link on our “Learn” page at realdata.com: http://realdata.com/learn.shtml

RealData Software Updates

If you’re a user of RealData software we would like to be sure you’re using the latest version of our products. At the top of one of the first two worksheets in our Excel-based programs for Windows (for example, on the “General” sheet in Real Estate Investment Analysis) you should find a version number and a “build” number. We generally release new versions when we implement significant improvements, new builds for minor enhancements and bug fixes.

We have just released a new build (1.10) of On Schedule Version 4, and will be sending out a notice to all registered users today.

You can compare your RealData programs to the latest versions and builds. If you don’t have the current version, you may qualify for a free or reduced-price upgrade. If you do have the latest version but not the latest build then you can definitely receive the latest at no charge.

Save a bundle with software bundles ­ special pricing

We’re continuing our special pricing for real estate software bundles. Many of our customers find that they need more than one of our products and this is a great way to save.

Frank Gallinelli

RealData® Inc.

P.S. I had the honor of appearing on the first installment of Consuelo Mack's new television program, WealthTrack, in July. You can see a clip from that show on the home page of our web site. I'm scheduled to appear again on the October 7 show -- PBS (WLIW) in New York. If you're in the northeast I hope you'll tune in.

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