Commercial / Industrial Development (CID)


Frequently Asked Questions


Does CID work on all Windows computers?

Yes, but you need to have Microsoft Excel 2000 or greater installed on your computer. Other spreadsheet programs will not run our software.

Does CID work on Macintosh computers?

CID v6 is currently available for Mac users who are running Excel 2011.

System Requirements: It's compatible with OS X and will run only with Excel 2011 or later.

Are your programs easy to use?

RealData has created its worksheets with user-friendliness in mind: all you need to do is enter your data and click a button to print reports. We color-code data entry cells, provide convenient cellnotes for on-screen contextual help, and include a comprehensive user guide. Additionally, free technical support is available by phone or email.

Does the program come with a User's Guide?

Yes, the software installs with a comprehensive user guide. Additionally, you can find answers to your questions in the knowledgebase.

How often do you upgrade and what is the cost?

We upgrade our programs approximately every two years and make minor interim updates on a regular basis. See our upgrades and builds pages for more information.

How is RealData's software licensed?

Our software is licensed to an individual for his or her use only. Please see our license agreement for more detail.

Do you provide tech support?

Tech support is free of charge by email or telephone. We are glad to help you with everything from installation of the software to answering your specific questions on the software's use, content and rationale. See our tech support policy page for more information.

Can I customize your programs?

Yes, but with some limitations. It is easy to add additional worksheets and create your own calculations which either feed back into our model or provide complimentary information and calculations. Please note that our reports print based on a defined structure — if you modify the content of our program, our print macros may no longer work correctly.

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