Comparative Lease Analysis (CLA)
New Version 3.0!

Product Details

Analyze prospective commercial real estate leases easily and accurately using RealData's Comparative Lease Analysis software for Windows. Just enter the terms and conditions in this fill-in-the-blanks program and in minutes you can compare the true cost or benefit of multiple leases or scenarios.

  • Project up to ten years of leasing revenue and costs.
  • Simultaneously compare as many as six different leases, or six alternative scenarios for a single lease.
  • Make projections that include base rent, CPIs, and pass-throughs.
  • Estimate your expected tenant improvements, build-out allowances, free rent period, moving costs/relocation allowance and more
  • Account for time value of money with PV calculations appllied to the effective rent
  • Use new Sublease functionality to weigh the revenue you might collect from a subtenant against your obligations under your current lease. *
  • Print the new Executive Summary report for each lease, with space for one or two pictures or floorplan images that you can import with just a mouse click. *
  • Now optionally include a picture for each property on the Summary Report -- again with just a mouse click. *
  • Use the enhanced "Print Reports" dialog in the RealData menu that lets you select which leases to include in the Summary Report
  • Select international currency symbols and metric measures to broaden your reach. *
  • Promote your "brand" by including your company logo, personal photo or other graphics in the header of every report. *
  • Get on-screen help from pop-up cell notes to assist you in data entry.
  • Use the familiar Microsoft Excel® interface plus the advantage of RealData's custome menus.
  • Licence CLA Version 3 for a one-time cost of $399, with no annual subscription fee, no maintenance fee, no-charge tech support.
  • All of CLA's functionality is included in a single Excel-based program, with no multiple modules to buy.
* New features in Version 3

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