Real Estate Development Software

RealData produces two different development programs to handle any development deal regardless of property type, number of phases, or level of complexity. Both programs include a syndication module with waterfall returns.

Commercial / Industrial Development

A complete project cost analysis and budget pro forma for any new income property. Now includes month-by-month mode.

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On Schedule

For housing subdivision, land and condo developers. Map out monthly construction, project absorption, loan draws and more.

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What's the difference?

On Schedule is for deals where you sell off pieces of the project such as condos or building lots. C/I Development assumes you have a single entity and do not break up the project into pieces.

How About Value-Add Deals?

Both programs can handle concurrent income and construction. Consider also our REIA Pro product if the project is primarily income.

Where Can I Learn More?

Be sure to see our Product Comparison page for more details. Also follow the links to the individual product pages.

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