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Two product lines. Two separate files for each product. Separate documentation, separate PDF printing modules, separate installers. It may not seem like a lot to the customer, but for years we have done twice the work to maintain software products for both Windows and Mac.

You get the same features and same calculations on Mac, just a portion of the behind-the-scenes VBA code differs so it is Mac compatible.

If you are a real estate investor looking to develop or acquire commercial income properties, RealData offers specific Macintosh releases for OS X operating systems running Microsoft Excel. Our Mac programs are currently compatible with Mac Excel version 2011, 2016, 2019 or Office 365 only. We recommend Office 2019.

Compatible Mac Excel versions

  • Excel / Office 365
  • Excel 2019
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel 2011*
  • Excel 2008
  • Excel 2004

Important Notes:

  • The Windows releases of our software will not run on Macintosh computers.
  • You cannot share analysis files between Windows and Macintosh computers.
  • *Excel 2011 will not run on OS X Catalina

A Bit of History and Technical Details

RealData Founder Frank Gallinelli created some of the first real estate software for the Mac in the mid 1980s, and we have been working with many loyal Mac customers ever since. The subtle differences between Windows and Mac Excel over the years have proved to be quite a challenge.

For most computer users, the Excel spreadsheet moves back and forth between Windows and Mac without issue. However, once you start adding code behind the scenes (and RealData products make extensive use of the VBA programming language) things become much more difficult. Feature-wise and report-wise, our products are the same on the two platforms, but a portion of the code must be tailored to the operating system.

For Excel 2008 for Mac, the explanation is simple - Microsoft just dropped VBA support entirely. Our loyal Mac users had to get by for years using Mac Excel 2004.

An Alternative

Run Windows on your Mac. How, you ask? Start with Bootcamp or VMWare Fusion, Parallels or VirtualBox. Install Windows. Add MS Office/Excel for Windows. Then you can run the Windows releases of our software, just like any Windows product.

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