Real Estate Investment Analysis - v20

Professional Edition

$85 for 30-Days Use or $595, Unlimited Use

Analyze a Self Storage Property Investment with REIA Pro

The REIA Pro software has several specific income worksheets including one designed specifically for self storage properties. You can enter any quantity of up to 25 unit types. We also provide a separate line item for other income.

Creating your rent roll is quick and easy. Just enter a name for each type of unit present on the property, add a square footage value for each and then indicate the number of each type of unit. Set the type of income and the first year amount. Finally, indicate how rents increase each year. Increases can be set as percentages or dollar amounts.

The Self Storage Income Report

Once you have entered the income assumptions as shown above, just open the RealData print menu to create your report. The software does all the work to set things up for you. View PDF Report

REIA Pro can evaluate any type of self storage investment from ground-up construction, value-add projects where you expand and/or improve an existing facility or existing self storage properties. Email or call today to schedule a time for a GoToMeeting presentation of our software or try it for 30 days for $85.

Extend REIA Pro

Use our Comparison and Portfolio add-ons to combine or contrast your property analyses.
All RealData software requires that you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. Numbers and other spreadsheet programs will not work.

We no longer recommend Office 365 for Mac because some users have reported problems printing our PDF reports with that version of Excel, exclusively on Mac.

For this product on Mac, you must have Excel 2016, 2019 or 2021. We recommend Office 2021.


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