Real Estate Investment Webinar Series

Do you know how real estate investments really work?

Do you understand discounted cash flow and internal rate of return?

Can you interpret a property's "financial statement?"

There's a lot of money at stake when you invest in real estate, and you cannot afford to rely on hunches, guesswork, and motivational hype. Our webinar series will teach you how to make sense of the financial measures that can mean the difference between success and failure. You will learn:

  • How professionals approach the analysis of investment real estate,
  • How to estimate the value of an income-producing property,
  • How to measure your real return on investment, and
  • How to read and interpret Annual Property Operating Data reports, cash flow and resale projections, and rate-of-return measurements.

Session One, introduces the basic concepts you need to master so that you will know what's really happening when you invest in real estate. Topics covered include:

  • The difference between investing in income property and investing in single-family homes,
  • The Income Stream,
  • The Time Value of Money, Present Value and Net Present Value
  • Discounted Cash Flow Analysis

Session Two, covers the key concepts of income property analysis. You'll learn the meanings of essential terms and review the different techniques for measuring value. The session will cover:

  • Financing calculations
  • Your Property's Financial Statement: Income, Expenses, Cash Flow, and Resale
  • Measures of Value

Session Three, shows you different techniques for measuring the success of your investment while taking you through a detailed case study. Topics will cover:

  • Measures of Investment Quality
  • A step-by-step walk through of an apartment building pro forma.

You will see how the pro forma is created and learn to interpret its results and look behind the numbers. Included will be:

  • Rent Roll
  • Annual Property Operating Data
  • Financing
  • Taxable Income
  • Cash Flow
  • Resale

Speaker Frank Gallinelli, founder of RealData Software, is the author of What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow (McGraw Hill), one of the top-selling real estate books on since 2003. He teaches income-property analysis in Columbia Unversity's MS program in Real Estate Development and has been a guest on Consuelo Mack's WealthTrack on PBS.


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