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RealData Customer Testimonials

RealData Customer Testimonials

I love the software! It has really been a vital tool in my investing analysis.

Mike Russell
Princeville, HI

I have used REIA for a quick analysis of properties I am looking to invest in, and a more detailed analysis of properties that I considered for purchase. …Since 1989, (my first purchase), the software was offered at a fair price, no claims were ever made on how I was going to make a fortune using their program, and always a call back if I had any questions… I might add that the REIA has saved me a lot of money by making me take a hard look at certain real estate investments which I thought were a sure thing and turned out to be big losers.

David Sklar
West Bloomfield, MI

Several years ago I was looking for a comprehensive real estate analysis program for our professional staff to use in the evaluation of commercial real estate properties held in our many fiduciary accounts. That search led me to RealData as a model resource for the type of investment evaluation we were requiring.

At the time we purchased this software, we did not realize the valuable assistance its president, Frank Gallinelli, would render to our group. Frank is a experienced teacher, has conducted several classes for our nationwide group. While the software is excellent, the quality of his presentations has broadened the knowledge base of our team. We look forward to many more years of working closely with RealData and its staff.

William B. Ellisor
Sr. Vice President
Group Manager, Personal Trust Real Estate Group
First Union National Bank
Jacksonville, FL

You guys help make me a fortune.

Tom Shannen
Mortgage Broker
Renaissance Capital Group
Albuquerque, NM

I have been using your RealData program since you spoke with the Virginia CCIM Chapter in Willamsburg, VA and have enjoyed using it. I believe it is the best analysis program available for the money. It does a great job at a cost most any practitioner can afford. I particularly like the sensitivity analysis and the graphs. Your web site is first class with a wealth of current information and tips. Great Job.

Thanks Again,

Nick Calamos, CCIM
Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Commercial Carriage House Realty 
Fredericksburg, VA

RealData is the best real estate commercial spreadsheet available at its price. Hell, it’s the best commercial spreadsheet available period.

…I have had experience with some of the other providers who sell their programs for thousands of dollars and they’re not as good or as sophisticated as RealData.

John Faraci
Interstate Apartment Acquisitions
Raleigh, NC

The professionals at RealData have not only provided me with excellent, usable software for my appraisal work, I have gotten immediate and excellent responses to software AND appraisal questions I have had.

That co-operation and help is a real plus when you work as a small office.

Again -Thank you

Deane L. Davenport MAI CCIM SRA
Sioux City, Iowa

REIA Product Family

I threw away my spreadsheets for returns and strictly use [RealData’s] products and have watched the improvement and truly appreciate the product you created. I use it to manage 41 properties from single tenant to multi family and all of the property types. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Patrick McNeil
McNeil Company
Omaha, NE

The RealData Real Estate Investment Analysis v12.0 is an affordable, user-friendly package that offers great flexibility in income property investment analysis.

My experience with the technical support team was outstanding, with all questions answered quickly, clearly and completely.

Lamar Spencer
Integritas Capital Partners
San Antonio, TX

I use the program several times a week to help my real estate clients objectively make decisions on property offers. Love the software!!

Jason Wilcox
YW Properties Inc
REMAX Eastside Brokers Inc
Kirkland, WA

Several years ago I reviewed a number of financial analysis programs in an attempt to find one with the flexibility to do a simple analysis quickly, yet perform a complete analysis that was suitable for presentation to a client. As a result of my review I purchased REIA 9. Over the years I have upgraded to REIA 11 and am currently using REIA 12.

It is with pleasure that I can report that your program is even more flexible than when I first started using it. Not only has it been an extremely useful tool for me but produces a complete analysis report that is requested by clients and lending institutions alike.

The ability to what if is one of the great attributes of your program and the many number of ways that the leasing income can be entered and modified is another.

Best of all, your program presents every recognized measure of return for the life cycle of the property analyzed. I have several customers that will not consider a purchase until I provide a RealData Analysis package. Please count me as one of your extremely satisfied users. I am always delighted to recommend your Real Estate Investment Analysis to other professionals.

James P. Pretlow, CCIM, RECS
Commercial Real Estate Broker
Panama City, FL

A few months ago I discovered Real Estate Investment Analysis, by RealData. It is one of the nicest programs I have ever used. The instructions are simple to understand, the calculations are correct and the reports, when printed are precise, and present a very clean appearance. I can give them directly to my clients. I can go from the concept directly to the deal in a short time. Thanks for a product that makes my business more pleasurable.

Mike Blacker, JD. LLM, CCIM, SRS
Mike Blacker, Realtors
Dallas, TX

Just purchased REIA… love it. 2 deals just sailed through financing with it… and I was able to conduct a very critical analysis for myself
to aid me in deal negotiations.

Kevin Steinbach
IPE, Inc.
Manchester, NH

Over more than 10 years, I have found the REIA programs the easiest and most complete evaluation tools in the business. B.I.D. has been involved with Investment real estate for over 25 years and I have found Frank Gallinelli to be accessible and ready, willing and able to help.

Jack Smith
B.I.D. Realty
Darien, CT

RealData e-course

I just finished going through the RealData e-course and found it to be of superb quality. The things that make this
course great are the simple examples, graphic illustrations, Excel spreadsheets, tables, and the detailed examples and case studies and comparisons showing the main alternatives in a situation, while leaving no stone unturned in the process of discussion. It’s sort of an online, interactive textbook, complete with chapter tests and a glossary.

Real estate analysis is really a complex subject with seemingly infinite variables, and Mr. Gallinelli breaks it down into easy-to-understand, bite-sized pieces that I’m sure most anyone can comprehend. His approach to teaching the subject is to present the situations, give the facts (without a hint of prejudice or the often soapbox arrogance we get from the seminar circuit instructors), discuss the variables, and show how to make it all work, counseling to the best interest of the investor.

I’d buy the RealData Real Estate Investment Analysis software solely based on my experience with the quality of the e-course and the personality of Gallinelli himself that comes through in his writing. I feel like he is my best friend who has sat me down and said, Mike, let me show you how easy it is to do what I do, and has walked me through a complex subject of numbers and finance and made it as simple as kindergarten building blocks.

This e-course totally eliminated my fears on real estate analysis and gave me the confidence to get to work finding properties on which to make offers. And now that I know what to do and why, I need to get the software so I can have it do the number crunching for me.

Mike Moore
Clinton, UT

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