Real Estate Calculator - Deluxe Edition


16 Modules Including Deluxe Amortization Schedule - Just $19

Ours is not your typical real estate calculator - it's a potent collection of 16 modules, each with lots of valuable features and options that you would only hope to find in programs costing a great deal more. This is a must-have tool for anyone in real estate or finance.

Monthly Payment Maximum Loan
Amortization Schedule Six Functions of $1
Loan Spread Mortgage Qualifier
Loan Comparison Refinancing
Future Values Income Multipliers
Depreciation Underwriting
Discounted Cash Flows Financial Ratios
Capitalization Rate Bi-weekly Loan

Consider a few highlights of our Deluxe Real Estate Calculator:

Amortization Schedule: It's no secret that there are plenty of exotic loans in the marketplace. Our new amortization schedule can handle almost anything you might encounter:

  • 8 payment frequencies and 8 compounding frequencies, from weekly to annual
  • Interest rates and payment overrides that you can vary every period
  • 5 Different payment types. You can adjust each payment inidividually if you wish, from a regular payment to interest-only, re-amortized, skipped, or fixed principal

Capitalization Rate: Investors can calculate both simple and derived cap rates.

Discounted Cash Flows: Compute the Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Modified IRR for a series of cash flows.

Bi-Weekly Loan Comparison: Evaluate the effect of converting a monthly loan to a bi-weekly.

Maximum Loan: Developers and investors can determine the maximum loan that a property's Net Operating Income can support.

Financial Ratios: Enter info from a business balance sheet and income statement; then see 19 key measures of that business' health.

...and 10 more modules, all with powerful real estate and financial functions. See the screen shots and sample reports, below.

Like our other products the RealData Real Estate Calculator is based on Microsoft Excel and includes our own RealData menu. Use that menu to print perfectly formatted reports (hard copy or pdf) at the click of a button. Even add your own custom report footer to promote your business or practice when you give these reports to clients.

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