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Commercial income property investment products

Income Property Investors

Quickly determine if a property is a worthy investment. Our flagship product handles apt. buildings, office, retail, industrial, and more.

Investment Analysis
Real state development software


Evaluate project cost and feasibility, solicit partners, seek financing. Develop from the ground up. For any income-property project.

C/I Development
Condominium and subdivision development software


Plan your monthly cash flow and absorption. For subdivisions, condos and condo conversions or land development projects.

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New REIA Pro v20

RealData's REIA Pro now at version 20 has big new features and a whole new outlook on both development and investment properties. It has you covered on all fronts - build and hold, buy and hold, value-add, fix and flip - model them all with one software program. Learn more

Our Video Course for Real Estate Investors, now with new content

You’ll master all the key concepts and become skilled in fundamental techniques as you learn about investment metrics, discounted cash flow analysis, financing, rehab and development, partnerships, value-add investments, and much more. Includes case-studies, where you’ll learn by example. Your return on investment begins here

Try our case -study mini course, One time fee, $77


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"...We reviewed more than 20 real estate investment analysis software and then narrowed it down to our top 10. We compared and contrasted the top ten real estate analysis software and decided that the best real estate investment software is RealData."
"...I wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with this software. It did not take very long to learn the hang of it and it is super user friendly. I think your product is reasonably priced and a great alternative to some of the ridiculously priced competing programs. I was searching high and low for a product like this. I absolutely believe this program will help our team win more business. Quite frankly, I think this is a game changer! Thank you again."

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Author Frank Gallinelli is an industry expert on real estate investment

What Every RE Investor Needs to Know about Cash Flow
Mastering Real Estate Investment
Insider Secrets to Financing RE Investments
Ten Commandments for Real Estate Investment

"Thank you, Frank, for explaining ALL the ratios and concepts in an easy-to-understand, straight forward manner. Every investor needs to know these ratios before going into an investment."

- Andrew Ikeda

CEO of AM Capital Source

"The quality that makes What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know a real stand-out gem is Gallinelli’s effortless combination of information on basic principles of real estate investing and the specific formulas and strategies needed to determine great investment."

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