Personal Financial Statement (PFS)

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Create and maintain personal financial statements quickly and easily using our Personal Financial Statement software for Mac and Windows.

This powerful, full-color, Excel-based point-and-click template lets you easily enter and describe your assets and liabilities, and then print a professionally formatted, easy-to-read statement of up to 16 pages in length that will impress any lender and help secure the loan you want.

Choose between one- or two-applicant modes; list up to 30 100%-owned properties and up to 14 additional partially-owned properties; and accurately show cash-in-accounts entries for those who maintain separate bank accounts for various properties.

Save your data for fast, easy updates for future reports and ongoing comparison, and use RealData's convenient .pdf (portable document format) print driver to create your statement as a .pdf file to email as a simple attachment.

Includes instructions and free technical support.

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