Real Estate Investment Analysis

Professional Edition


The Standard for Real Estate Investment...since 1982

Looking for financing or equity investors, or need to deliver a killer proposal to a client? Our new enhancements to REIA will help you make your case with more compelling presentations to lenders, partners, clients and customers.

Evaluate your investment property with our Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Professional Edition software, now in a brand new 17th edition. With its easy-to-learn, user-friendly interface REIA gives you detailed financial reports to show the true investment potential of commercial and residential income properties.

Real Estate Investment Analysis Pro v17

Produce revenue projections of up to 20 years for apartments, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, industrial buildings and shopping centers.

Forecast your operating expenses, pass-throughs, cash flows, rates of return, and potential vacancy and credit losses.

Apply different mortgage terms, depreciation options and improvement assumptions to explore before- and after-tax consequences of ownership and eventual resale.

Evaluate potential investment performance for individual partners.

Create up to 23 color reports including APOD, cash flow, rent roll and sensitivity reports, a detailed partnership analysis/presentation and even a complete pre-formatted business plan that's ready to take to the bank.

What's New in Version 17

  • Tax Calculations: There have been significant tax changes for 2013, including a higher capital gain tax on some sales and the new so-called "medicare tax." We could have made your data input here as complicated as filling out your tax return, but instead we've tried to keep it simple. Enter your best estimate for your ordinary and capital gain rates (we give you a pop-up table of brackets to help you decide). If it looks like the subject property will generate enough income by itself to push you beyond your estimated brackets, we'll display an alert.
  • Less Taxes, Better Internationalization: Frustrated with the growing complexity and uncertainty of the tax code and prefer to make their pro forma analyses of potential investments on a pre-tax basis? If that's your preference too, then you'll appreciate this new feature: With a simple check-box you can tell the program to suppress all mention of U.S. taxes from your worksheets and reports. Combine this with the existing options for international currency symbols and units of measure to analyze a property in any country.
  • Waterfall Calculations: In the Partnership Analysis you now have the option to select up to four tiers each for the distribution of cash flows and sale proceeds. The program will help you keep your range entries properly sequenced. This is just one of a number of advanced features that you typically find only in programs costing many times the price of REIA. View screenshot
  • Individual Pass-Through Bases: In the Commercial Income module you can now define the base amount for pass-throughs on a tenant-by-tenant basis.
  • Tenant Improvements in Wizards: TI are now included in the "new unit" and "rollover" wizards. See it
  • More Key Metrics: Now you can see all of the key metrics for your analysis on the Decision Maker worksheet. One-stop shopping for what you need to know. View screenshot
  • Lease vs. Buy: We've given the Lease vs. Buy Analysis a complete makeover. The analysis has a new look, and also provides a new summary cash flow and resale report designed from the point of view of an investor who is an owner-occupant.
  • Didn't Upgrade to Version 16? Then you've been missing the Decision-Maker stress-test module; new worksheets for self-storage, hotel and continuing-care retirement; detailed capital improvements worksheet and report; and more.

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