Real Estate Investment Analysis (REIA) Learn More | Buy

 Income-property investment analysis software for existing residential and commercial properties. Available in 2 editions: Express and Professional. Available options: Portfolio Analysis, Comparison Analysis



Commercial / Industrial Development (CID) Version 6.0 Learn More | Buy

A complete project cost analysis and budget pro forma for any new income property. Now includes month-by-month mode.

On Schedule Learn More | Buy

For housing subdivision, land and condo developers. Map out monthly construction, project absorption, loan draws and more.

Other Products

Personal Financial Statement (PFS)Learn More | Buy

Simplify financial statement paperwork by keeping all your personal information here.

Comparative Lease Analysis (CLA)Learn More | Buy

Compare up to six different leases with provisions for CPI’s,pass-throughs, build-outs, etc.

The RealData CalculatorLearn More | Buy

A potent collection of 16 modules, each with lots of valuable features and options that you would only hope to find in programs costing a great deal more. This is a must-have tool for
anyone in real estate or finance.

RealData Webinar SeriesLearn More | Buy

A 3.5-hour, 3-part webinar series on real estate investing by Frank Gallinelli.

Real Estate Property Analysis ServiceLearn More | Buy

No Time? No Investment Software? Send us your property information and get a complete
analysis by return email.

Real Estate Investment Pro Forma Video SeriesLearn More | Buy

Our six part video series walks you through the entire process of analyzing a mixed use
property using the Real Estate Investment Analysis software.

Software Bundles

Buy three or more products and save up to $974

More info on bundles >>


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