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President’s Message

I founded this company in 1981 when personal computers were something of a novelty. One year earlier, I had come upon an investment opportunity that was too complicated to unravel with my financial calculator. I needed computing power, but I couldn’t find any real estate software that was adequate for my needs.

Having little choice, I set to work with my office computer and a spreadsheet program and devised an analysis model that made sense of the investment. I not only bought the property, but I also attracted the attention of colleagues who were intrigued with my automated solution to this problem. And so RealData® and our first product, Real Estate Investment Analysis, were born.

Since that time our company has added new software products almost ever year, but we have stayed with the same basic principles that we started with: Our products are designed by people who understand the real estate industry–they create real solutions for real-life business situations.

Support is critically important with specialized software–we monitor the quality of our products and service and keep in touch with what our customers need.

We don’t stand still–we’re continuously working on developing new products and upgrading our existing programs. Registered users are always offered the opportunity to upgrade to new versions at just a nominal cost.

We believe specialized software can be of top quality and still be affordable–You’ll find that our software offers you the very definition of value: depth, outstanding professional performance and reasonable price.

These four basic principles have kept us in business since 1981, which in the microcomputer industry is nearly forever. When you purchase real estate software from RealData® you get a solid product from a company with a sound and proven track record.

I certainly hope you’ll join the thousands of investors, brokers, developers, CPA’s, property managers and others who have found RealData® software to be the right tool for the job.

Frank J. Gallinelli

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