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Cannot copy and paste

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You are not able to copy and paste between two RealData analyses or other Excel files.

This may happen if you are copying from either On Schedule or Personal Financial Statement. We have specifically disabled the “cut” function in these two programs to avoid the #REF! errors it can cause. It is a quirk in Excel that as a result of this, if you try to copy from one of these programs into another workbook, by the time you switch to the other workbook, the “paste” function has been disabled. You have two choices to work around this problem:

(1) Open the On Schedule or Personal Financial Statement workbook with macros disabled. In Excel 2010 or Excel 2013, you can accomplish this as follows: From File->Options->Trust Center, click “Trust Center Settings…” Choose “Trusted Publishers”, and remove RealData from the list. Choose “Trusted Documents” and click the “Clear” button after “Clear all Trusted Documents so that they are no longer trusted”. Then open the On Schedule or Personal Financial Statement workbook and do not take the usual action to enable macros.

(2) Use the Office Clipboard to do the paste. Open the Office Clipboard by choosing Edit – Office Clipboard from the Excel menu. It opens as a sidebar to the Excel window.

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