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Creating an REIA Pro Single Photo Report

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Getting Started

Locate the Single Photo Page report worksheet tab within REIA Professional.  It is located over on the right end of the list of worksheet tabs at the bottom of your Excel window.





Set the report’s title in cell D4.  You may choose to omit the title by clearing the contents of this cell.  Click the “Set/Change Picture” button.  Browse to the location of the photo on your computer.

To what extent the photo will fill the page depends on the image’s aspect ratio – that is the ration of the width to the height.  You may want to crop your image before adding it to this report.

Printing the Report

From the RealData menu, open the Print Reports window.  Select the Single Photo Page report from the report list.  Note that you can drag the report to another location in the list to set the print order.  (Windows only)  If you are printing more than one report, the resulting PDF file will be in order from top to bottom.

A sample report can be found on the REIA Professional product page.


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