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Data Entry in RealData Software

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Data entry in RealData’s products follow a simple convention: you should enter numbers or text values into cells displayed in blue or purple only. Do not un-protect sheets and enter data for cells which have black text.

Data entry example



In many places, you can change the text of line item descriptions – for example, income or expenses.

Be careful to not enter text in a cell which expects a numerical value – this will cause an Excel error message to appear.

Why Purple Cells?

A data entry cell displayed in purple indicates the presence of a formula in the cell which copies the value from the cell immediately to its left.  This allows for quick data entry for the case where all values in a row are identical.  It is ok to override these formulas if you need to adjust values for changes that occur from year to year.

Changing Protected Values in Black Cells

On rare occasion, you may need to change a protected cell.  If so, be sure to re-protect the sheet afterward.  Do not enter a password when adding back worksheet protection.

We recommend that you add a User Worksheet and make your own calculations to extend the RealData product rather than making modifications.  We cannot provide support for modified files.

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