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How to configure a balloon payment in REIA Pro

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You can make a balloon payment on a loan in one of two ways:

(a) Indirectly, by refinancing.  If you apply a refinance using the assumptions on the Cash Flow and Resale Assumptions worksheet, rows 40-51, then this will retire any of the 3 outstanding loans and bundle them into a single refinanced amortized loan.


(b) Use the Advanced Features worksheet.  Enter the balloon payment for the desired year on row 10.  You can also enter a very large number and let the software automatically apply the correct balloon amount.  Example:  You want to retire a loan after 10 years.  Enter the balloon payment in cell N10 (the 11th year of the analysis).  Note the balloon payment in cell L49 on the Cash Flow and Resale Analysis worksheet, which reflects the payoff of the loan at the beginning of the 10th year.  In row 117, you will see that the loan payoff ends with the ninth year.

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