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Installing RealData Software on Windows 10 (including the Windows Protected Your PC screen)

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Windows 10 brings new security measures – a good thing  no doubt – but it can make installing RealData software a bit more tricky.

When downloading our software, you may get one or more warning messages, but rest assured software downloaded from realdata.com is entirely created by us, contains our digital signatures and is safe for you to install.

Here are some tips to help you proceed beyond the warnings.  The warnings vary depending on which web browser you are using.  These steps apply to users of Windows computers only.

If you are using the Google Chrome browser, you may see this warning when trying to download a RealData software installer file:

To proceed, click on the dropdown arrow on the right edge of this warning, and select the “Open” option.

If you are using the Windows Edge browser, the warning message is similar:




If you are downloading from the realdata.com website, then select the “Run” option.


Users are frequently presented with a different and far more bold warning when attempting to launch one of our installer files:


The trick here is to click on “More Info” on the left.  This provides a new option:


Now you have a choice.  Select “Run anyway” and you can proceed with installation.


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