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Phone or Manual Activation – How to

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This guide covers phone or manual activation for situations where either you are not connected to the Internet, or you are a Windows 7 user who is having trouble connecting to our web server to activate.

First, contact RealData technical support and obtain a manual activation code.  It will be all lower case letters and of this format:


Now, disconnect your computer from the Internet.  Do this by either unplugging the ethernet cable from your computer, by powering down your router, or by disabling wifi.

Open your RealData software.  A window will appear:

Click the Phone Activation button.  Now an “Enter Serial Number & Activation Code” window appears.  Your serial number should be pre-filled.  Enter the activation code that we provided to you.

Click the Activate button and you are done.  You will see a confirmation window showing that your software is activated.

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