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Portfolio Analysis add-on

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What is it?

Portfolio Analysis is a separate extension of REIA Professional that allows you to study several properties together as a portfolio. First, use REIA Pro to analyze each of the properties, saving each one as a separate workbook. Then open Portfolio Analysis and add the individual properties to your portfolio.

The Portfolio Analysis add-on works only with REIA Pro and is compatible with versions 14 and beyond.  Separate releases are available for both Windows and Mac users.

How it works

Data entry in Portfolio Analysis is straightforward. On the General worksheet, enter the name of the portfolio, along with the starting and ending year of the analysis. The starting year is labeled “Present Year,” to emphasize that the properties are not necessarily all acquired in this year. Some of the properties may have been purchased years ago, but Portfolio Analysis will study the combined cash flows between the “Present Year” and the “Final Year.”

Also on the General worksheet, enter the safe rate, reinvest rate, discount rate and reversion choice for the portfolio. These values have the same meanings as they do in REIA for an individual property.

On the Properties worksheet, use the Add Property button to add one or more properties to the portfolio, selecting REIA workbooks from a list of .xls files. The Remove Property button allows you to delete one or more properties from the portfolio.

Important Note – Data Sync

When you make a change in the REIA workbook for an individual property, in most cases the portfolio workbook will update itself automatically because it links to the REIA workbook. However, if you change the “Year Analysis Begins” for an individual property, you will need to open the portfolio workbook and click the Recalculate button on the Properties worksheet.

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