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Residential Income – Renovation / Value-add Vacancy

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Note: We’ve added new features to Residential Income in REIA Pro v20. See this page for more info.

New to REIA Professional and REIA Express in the fall of 2018 is an improvement to the Residential Income worksheet which makes it easier to allow for vacancy when renovating units.  You can indicate a year and number of months of vacancy for each line item.

This feature begins in:

  • REIA Professional, Windows, version 18, build 1.16
  • REIA Professional, Macintosh, version 18, build 1,15
  • REIA Express, Windows, version 2, build 1.20
  • REIA Express, Macintosh, version 2, build 1.16

Upgrade to the latest build by logging into your customer account at https://realdata.com

If you are involved with value-add or other renovation projects, just select a year of renovation from the drop-down selectors in column E, and enter the number of months you expect that you expect vacancy to occur in column F.  REIA will automatically deduct the amount of rent, including a situation where year one is a partial year.

This feature replaces the previous content in columns E and F for the number of bedrooms and baths in each unit.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and comments.  Do let us know how we can improve this or other features to best suit your investment analysis needs.



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