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What are the differences between On Schedule and C/I Development?

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The overall difference boils down to a simple notion: are you selling off individual pieces of the project like condominiums or building lots, or are you retaining the project as a single entity?

Here are the bullet lists of key features and concepts:

C/I Development

  • For ground-up development of single-entity projects: apartments, strip centers, mixed use, self-storage, more
  • Project detailed hard and soft costs, construction costs
  • Select from multiple loan options: land, development, take-out, permanent
  • Utilize a complete partnership analysis to work with partners
  • Choose from two modes: classic project cost analysis and detailed monthly
  • Handle multi-phase projects

On Schedule

  • For unit-sale projects, like housing subdivisions, building lots, condominiums, commercial condos
  • Handle multi-phase developments — projects built and sold in stages
  • Gauge the opportunity in incomplete / abandoned / foreclosed development projects
  • Produce month-by-month plan for drawing, using and repaying development loan
  • Schedule hard and soft costs month-by-month
  • Estimate project absorption for units built and sold over time
  • Utilize partnership analysis, Gantt chart and more
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