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RealData Real Estate Calculator

We offer two editions of our popular Microsoft Excel-based real estate calculator. The first is free, it’s fully functional and there are no strings attached.

The Free Edition includes a versatile Monthly Payment calculator, basic Amortization Schedule calculator, Loan Comparison and Future Values calculator. For Windows computers only. Download Now >>

Consider also our Deluxe Edition – it has more horsepower and a larger list of features. The Deluxe Edition of the RealData Calculator consists of 16 modules, each with lots of valuable features and options that you would only hope to find in programs costing a great deal more. This is a must-have tool for anyone in real estate or finance. Learn More >>

Software Demos

Preview our software via a Zoom or Skype web conference. We’ll spend 15 or 20 minutes showing you how the software works and how it can help you analyze the properties and the deals that you are working on.

Please email or call us at 800-899-6060 to schedule a time.

Outside the US call 1-203-816-8457

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All RealData products are available for immediate download – once you purchase, you can download them immediately from within your customer account. You can reinstall at any time – just login and grab your serial numbers and installer files.

RealData products are also available on CD – we can ship via USPS First Class Mail for a fee. Do note that software discs go out of date quickly – we update our software frequently – so consider the download option for convenience.

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